@BrodieOnLinux guess it could be explained as a similar to leader key.
or as i have seen it explained in Openbox as similar to emacs.

You have a keybind where you start a context for other keybinds to work, like with alt+tab to open up the menu to switch window and then use tab or arrow keys to select which one.

Little bit like opening up a submenu to select an action.

@Unairedspecifics If I understand what you're saying that sounds like MODIFIER; KEY where once you press the modifier then after that you press the key and the action happens in sxhkd.

@Unairedspecifics In this configuration you press the first key and then press the 2nd key which is how a leader key works

@BrodieOnLinux Would/Could there be a pause where the first 2 keys are not pressed before third is used?

@Unairedspecifics So if you did super+a; b you press super+a and then you can wait as long as you want to press the next key. Obviously if you press a key that's not b you'd have to start again

@BrodieOnLinux May be preferrable that were some timeout on it.

But nice to know it can be done in Sxhkd, how about Dxhd then?

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