This a project idea.

I think that we need more browser engines. It is still just an idea but I want to try it. (Not alone of course)


@RMW one thing i have been annoyed lately on my main browser is that i cannot search tabs easily via vim bindings plugin.

and i cannot move from my pinned tabs to wherever tabs are scolled to focus,
similar to wrapped and not wrapped lines in Vim.

Otherwise i do agree there seems to be more or less 2 or 1.5 browser engines in use atm.

@Unairedspecifics vim and emacs binding support would be cool now that you mention that.

I still need to do some research before I can start.

@RMW Since i started using VimFX in Waterfox and use Qutebrowser for some things i think Vim bindings and Hinting is something that is needed in browsing.

Like the idea of optional JS etc.

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