I set up a last minute booth for the Linux Club (I'm the new club president) at my school made from a cardboard box. We started with 36 people in the club and ended the day with over 100! Right now we're using groupme for our communication, and it's not ideal for so many people. I'm thinking of trying #mattermost, #rocketchat or #matrix. Which one should I choose? Any other suggestions?

@johanv what do you want to do? share files? or just chat?

You guys could setup your own Matrix server (setup by default when setting up Yunohost server).

you don't want to scare off people though right off the bat.

there are the standards like Signal/Wire but not sure how they would fare in a 32 person chat.

*curious to see what others suggest*

Also good job on starting this group!

@Unairedspecifics It seems wire.com still works though. I'd also discourage searching for "jami chat", that seems to only have NSFW chat/live cam results.


yeah i confused Ring and Wire,
but ofcourse we'r talking about jami.net and not any other.

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