Trying something slightly different while watching something slightly different: the F1 sprint qualifying at Silverstone. Cheers! 🍻

Seriously, do people still fall for this shit. I mean, at least that Nigerian Prince offered me some free money.

Just me, a local brew and Erasure: perfection. Happy Saturday and 1st May everyone, hope you're all having a blessed one. Cheers! 🍺

No, Breeze, I said "we need to extract the files from that TARBALL"!

I really love RawTherapee and GIMP. (And the hound, obviously.)

Nothing cures a hangover like tea, Pringles and my favourite Detective.

Breeze was definitely not impressed with the snow this morning.

OK Christmas:
Presents: wrapped ✔️
Food: bought ✔️
Treats for the dog: bought ✔️
My treats: shall we get started?

In the end, we just kept his original name (since it was the only one he'd respond to).
Here's a better photo: meet Breeze.

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Introducing the newest member of the household: Teddy.

Or Gandalf. Or Fuzzbox. Or Lurch. Or Cousin It. Or ZZ. Really having trouble with a name for him. Suggestions more than welcome.

For anyone in the UK struggling to keep up with the confusing, cluster-fuck of Covid-19 daily updates from the various administrative powers, allow me to summarise them in this handy map.

For anyone who says they NEED Adobe for saving unusable raw files, please take a look at this. The photo was taken with a crappy phone with an even crappier sensor and lens (hence having Open Camera installed to see if I could salvage something). It's the only camera I had on me at the time.

Left is the raw image, right is the result of 10 minutes mucking about in RawTherapee. The composite was done in GIMP. It was never going to be an Ansel Adams shot, but I can save something.


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...