Having some cheeky Saturday afternoon beers while Angela is out with her mates shopping. Just me, the Snoot-hound and Boba Fett. Cheers everyone! ๐Ÿป

I got "'er indoors" (Angela) an ice maker for Christmas, thinking we'd only have to run half a litre through it a day. Boy, was I wrong! I hope this machine is built to last.

Two things strike me regarding this photo. First: I once had long hair like that, second: I can't believe I actually voted for him all those years ago.

Once again, despite needing it, Jools Hootenanny doesn't end with "Enjoy Yourself". It really should.

Happy New Year all!

As for 2021, to quote the late, great John Peel "Good night, and good riddance!"

Watching the World's Strongest Man Giant's Live event in Glasgow earlier this year on Channel 5. Hopefully, we'll get there in person next year in October!

The only problem with watching these 80s music shows is that I'm constantly reminded how lacking I am in the hair department these days.

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