Just watching "1994: Britain's Biggest Hits". I'm not saying it was a bad year musically, but it will most likely require surgery to remove the deodorant cans from my ear canals.

Admittedly, it was a crap song. I feel sorry for James Newman: good singer, shit song.

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This is an urgent charity appeal on behalf of, well... me, to get me through tonight's Eurovision Song Contest.

One bottle of Newcastle Brown would enable me to suffer the inane banter between the two hosts during the opening segment. A four-pack would allow me to endure the incessant murdering of notes and chords which passes for music in this pageant of excrement.

A bottle of gin would let me drift slowly into unconsciousness during the results.

So, please, give generously. Thank you.

You gotta love Erasure: "Always" and a 5/4 beat where it counts!

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Now watching "Guy Garvey: From the Vaults, 1984". I'd almost forgotten about Herbie Hancock.

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Actually, I'm now on a Tubular Bells marathon. "Grand Piano..." 🎹

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Just me, a local brew and Erasure: perfection. Happy Saturday and 1st May everyone, hope you're all having a blessed one. Cheers! 🍺

Why are some Erasure "B" sides better than their actual singles?

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Which is better?

OK, I'm on admin duty! Got my laptop on the dashboard, refreshing it every 15 mins or so. What's the bet no new users sign up until I log off? Or knowing me, I'll miss it.

I really love RawTherapee and GIMP. (And the hound, obviously.)

Nothing cures a hangover like tea, Pringles and my favourite Detective.

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