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Look how they massacred my boy

(In Godfathers's voice)

Sorry Xubuntu fans: wiped it and went with MX instead (surprise, surprise).

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Now installing Xubuntu, and praying to all divine entities within earshot that I selected the correct drive to be erased. 🙏

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Star Wars day, water-filter changing day and replacing Manjaro with Xubuntu on the media server day. What a day!

Having an afternoon beer to celebrate some good news. Cheers everyone! 🍻

Just put an online order in at Beers of Europe. Here we go on the merry-go-round again...

Having a few beers and listening to Meat Loaf. Cheers everyone! 🍻🎸🎶

Having some cheeky Saturday afternoon beers while Angela is out with her mates shopping. Just me, the Snoot-hound and Boba Fett. Cheers everyone! 🍻

I got "'er indoors" (Angela) an ice maker for Christmas, thinking we'd only have to run half a litre through it a day. Boy, was I wrong! I hope this machine is built to last.

Two things strike me regarding this photo. First: I once had long hair like that, second: I can't believe I actually voted for him all those years ago.

Once again, despite needing it, Jools Hootenanny doesn't end with "Enjoy Yourself". It really should.

Happy New Year all!

As for 2021, to quote the late, great John Peel "Good night, and good riddance!"

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