On GNU/Linux you can uninstall the kernel if that's your thing.
On Windows you can't even get rid of the default browser.

If you run a website that uses reCAPTCHA to distinguish between humans and robots, you're sending your users' data to Google.

Respect their privacy and look for an alternative.


Original tweet : twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

Don't you ever think that open source software activism is not a "real world" issue

"Hospitals Need to Repair Ventilators. Manufacturers Are Making That Impossible"

It's revelations like the Zoom fiasco that reassure me that I am not a fanatic for insisting upon open source.

‘Zoom is malware’: why experts worry about the video conferencing platform

Let's be clear. The lack of focus on privacy and security, while a typical silicon valley flaw, was a choice of profit over security.

While i'm a hermit by nature and enjoy solitude, i'm not a big fan of the term 'social distancing' when it really just means 'physical distancing', while we should try to stay socially connected as much as possible while keeping space between us, especially now.

Maybe i'm just nit-picking here ;)

@crunklord420 any WHO director-general after 2006 can’t stop a pandemic... all they know is money , hold they press conference, name things, be politically correct , take chinese favors & lie

"We notice you're using an ad blocker," says the website popup window, refusing to let me read anything on the page.

I glance at my ad blocker button which shows the number 174 for the number of blocked ads and trackers.

"Wonder why I'd use one of those," I mumble to myself.

Definitely a good reason to #degoogle and start with #Nextcloud today - a safe home for all your data. Your data is in your data center, on a server managed by you, rather than floating insecure somewhere in the cloud. reuters.com/article/us-google-

Ok then... it seems turning off VPN fixed the problem, not sure I like it though. Anyway I was able to log in with fedilab now.

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I can't seem to log into linuxrocks.online via fedilab app, I've also tried tusky with same result, I can get here via the web, not sure what to do since it was working not long ago.

I am very happy to see LinuxRocks back up and running, 😍 :linuxmint:

Could somebody help me?
I've got some kind of code for McFee truekey a year or two ago, and now it's over,
I want to move awry to some opensource alternative, and create backups.

I found only one way online to export my data, which is going to it on chrome, and somehow export.

I used to have it on my Firefox, but now, I don't, and their site identifies I use Linux, and says it isn't supported (blah)

Please help me get awey with my passwords from this thing :opensource:

Thank you in advance

I found a nice command line FTP client that supports Multi-threaded and Segmented downloads. it's called lftp and works a treat once you get all the commands down. Maybe do a video on using it since you love command line stuff. I think folks could find use for this as Filezilla doesn't do what this does.

How was the new Linux Code Of Conduct approved? Its terms are so vague that they can be used to target almost anybody. Is this an oppression mechanism to silence those developers who make "inconvenient" statements, for instance about Intel backdoors? Oh wait. Intel is a platinum member of Linux Foundation. By the way, Microsoft is a platinum member too.

I have been running Linux Mint 18.3 since it came out and have been very happy with it. I decided to upgrade to 19 (Tara) after trying it out on a laptop. Everything worked out of the box so I am very pleased, as I have been with all Mint releases I have tried so far. I have noticed it uses quite a bit of memory, 1gb on start up. This doesn't bother me at all, I like Cinnamon. There are other Mint desktop options for those that want a lighter running system.

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