It's 12:14 AM ... and I'm in the mood to wipe and reinstall some form of on my , and seeing if that bug / miss-configuration that prevented audio from working a couple months ago has been fixed. Given that I'm a screen reader user, if it isn't I'm in for a treat in diagnosing the problem once again. Sometimes I just stop and wonder why I'm so insane. 🤯

Continued work on my pr to implement for -rs, a fantastic written in . If this is merged, anything that can interface to C will have a tts library that works on , , , , , and even on the web via .

I wish you could create lists of hash-tags as well as accounts on . It's been a long time since I looked, but I'm pretty sure would support that, given how flexible it is, and being able to combine lots of related topics into one feed could be really powerful. I use the existing to separate out topics like , and the , but given that almost everyone has more than one interest, it's not that clean-cut.

Got a brand new T14s for school / Uni. Absolutely loving it so far. Also decided to try Fedora seriously for the first time. So far, it's great. shell really isn't to my liking, and still needs work, but other than that, I've had no issues, including no issues with the hardware (wifi, the webcam, even the finger print reader work, and I'm currently setting up for facial recognition for authentication).

Trying to and work with ++ code on only serves to give me a greater appreciation for how many fantastic, yet simple, tools we have on . Compiler flags that are actually understandible, files that are very easy to write and use, better, lighter waight , not some bloated, heavy mess like , or something like , which demands you write your build configs in its own, custom JSON language.

Anyone know why Dell's UK site only shows one Inspiron model available with ? I can find the developer edition , the line, and all the others on Dell's US site, but not on their UK site.


I'm a little tired this morning after being up half the night setting up Arch when I had finally managed to get the Braille Console Driver in brltty working!


On that note (Mac transition) it would be fantastic if we as a could band together to make better than VoiceOver by the end of the transition period. We could seriously lure some folk over to if we could pull that off. Ambitious I know, but there's nothing stopping us if we try hard enough. I know I've certainly been reading through Orca's code recently.

cat /proc/self/exe > binary # retrieves the binary of the running process (your shell) and stores it in a file

never fails to impress and excite me. This is just one of the many cool things you can do with the proc file-system.

If weren't so rediculously expensive, I'd love to get one (preferably a small one) and integrate it into a case with a . Then I could install , , maybe even a GUI and and have a powered braille notetaker.


My son asked me what I am doing told him Im installing and he asked if it was Apple, I said no “my friend Cassidy.” He wa so excited at the idea of software by “friends”. This is how we get to the next gen



I'm 43 years old & I've never used IRC. The next gen of users certainly won't. If your distro isn't on Telegram, FB, Discord, Twitter - even Instagram - your *support* & your brand are MUCH less likely to reach them.

Want bigger reach? Think like a marketer.


So, knowing basically nothing about it, I wanna join *. Any recommendations on which “pod“ I should join? Specifically, I am looking for something to do with , , or perhaps somewhere that is based in the .

Just joined the linuxrocks instance. Thought I should upload some of my for and users series. So I've uploaded the first in the series. Its from 2 years ago (trust me, I'm better at this now) and you can find it at