I wish you could create lists of hash-tags as well as accounts on . It's been a long time since I looked, but I'm pretty sure would support that, given how flexible it is, and being able to combine lots of related topics into one feed could be really powerful. I use the existing to separate out topics like , and the , but given that almost everyone has more than one interest, it's not that clean-cut.

Let me just take a moment to appreciate how phenomenally good the app for is. It's also very very , And fully featured.

And if you don't like it, just block their server like you can do with any federated server in , and you're done. If this were to happen (which let's be clear, is about as likely as me becoming emperor of the universe), ActivityPub clients could just add a "block mainstream platforms" checkbox, making it even easier too keep this incarnation of the .

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Imagine how good the would be if every major platform was here. Talk to everyone you know, who for some reason still decide to use inferior platforms that spy on you, while keeping at least *some* of your . I'm not even saying adopt as the gold standard, just any form of would be great. Let's face it, there's not enough people who care enough to leave their platform anyway, so they're really just growing their population.

As a general rule of thumb, I won't follow anyone who:

• Hasn't posted anything yet.

• Doesn't have a bio

It's not that I don't like or don't trust you if you're one of those people, but because ActivityPub has no big scarey algorithm backing it, you must put actual effort into curating your feed. I imagine this is true for quite a few others on the .

So here's a that probably already exists. How about making a , website, much like or , where people can sell and Auction items, write descriptions, leave reviews and customer feedback, and initiate returns. I get that the financial side is quite hard to deal with, as well as in forcing rules surrounding returns and such, but I'm sure it could be done somehow. If anybody knows of such a project, please let me know.

Okay, this thread got a bit of traction, so here me out.

i'm no expert, but I do have a little step brother who uses TickTock, and pretty much all he watches is memes. Usually not even good ones, but that's not the point. I can't stand the app or the company, and I don't want any of that on my timeline. But I do actually think we need something like this. If we truly want the to become mainstream, ...

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The next revision of should allow you to change the audience of an activity after it's been posted. The server would then have to notify anyone who was removed from the audience, but that's totally achievable, perhaps with the Undo activity.

I love how the is so diverse, in both people and software, that even instances using the same software (in my case Mastodon because it's quite accessible)have their own quirks and specialities. Some support rich text, some have different character limits, some federate with all, some federate with almost none. There's always somewhere you can go that perfectly matches your needs and preferences.

Here's your friendly reminder to provide alt text for any images you post to the . Let's just put aside the whole equality angle; I still want to know what you're talking about, especially if you're asking for help. If you provide a caption, I might be able to help you.

I'm quite surprised Mastodon hasn't started allowing you to enter markdown formatting, or at least a subset of it. The spec supports any content-type, but even if they want compatibility, it could just be converted to html.

It's absolutely amazing how many groundbreaking there are, dealing with different content. And every single one can communicate with every other. I think and friends are quite possibly the most important technologies in our lifetime. This is clearly, hand's down, the best way to connect an entire planet, if that's what we want to do. I don't quite have words to describe the significance of such a technological marvel. And yet the protocols are quite simple.

out there. How do you structure your databases when writing or maintaining an ActivityPub server. It doesn't matter what database technology you use (from column based to document based to graph based), I'm interested in a high-level overview from all angles. I'm in the midst of creating a package that will hopefully make using ActivityPub and federation in PHP's Laravel a whole lot easier. This is mainly as a learning experience, but it will be released as well.