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hey microsoft, I'd like to report a bug in your windows 95 installer.
if you install it while having any drive mounted as A: or B: (like a ramdrive or network drive or CD-ROM drive) it'll tell you to remove the floppy disk from the drive, but there are no floppies here

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What the rise of Arm means for Linux users, security vs convenience, having too much choice, and Dan’s favourite candle.


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So apparently videos about science, engineering, math, computers, etc. aren't a thing anymore? This was the complete list in @YouTube@twitter.com's latest Content Creator survey:

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This is a very sad state of offairs. To be fair, there may be some iPhone only apps.

The image is a screenshot of the App Store on an iPad, showing no results for the query "peertube."

The helldiscord?! What on earth is going on here?!

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And here I was, reporting a serious accessibility issue in the Discourse web application, namely that I cannot access the profile button on an iOS device with VoiceOver, and one of the answers I got was very blunt, and very privileged.

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Within the last 12 hours, YouTUbe swapped the position of the choice to make a "Public" video and make a "Private" video.


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As a blind arch / i3 user, I need to try this and see if it's any good. I love minimalist but gnome has its merits too.

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I'm quickly growing fond of that Pop OS 20.04 auto-tiling. It's so damn useful!

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Can we please start a petition to get rid of these directory structure diagrams made of special characters and indentation? They don’t make any sense to a screen reader user. Why not use a simple nested list?No particular shame on Hugo's docs, everybody does this..

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I consider it an achievement that LGR videos are frequently posted to both r/MealTimeVideos *AND* r/PoopTimeVideos.

What a true honor to accompany both ends of the process.

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At work , listening to @Linux4Everyone@twitter.com , Great Podcast , using @elementary@twitter.com OS one of the most beautiful Linux Distro with a great native apps , now I’m using vocal app from @NeedleThreadCo@twitter.com ! Great app for all of your podcasts ! Thank you so much to all of you .

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Continuing work on the 0.3.0 user interface theme to make it look more consistent and cool. What do ya's think? :)

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Stephen Miller wins the men’s seated club throw with 27.60m

Robert Allerston is second with 20.94

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I don't know whether to cry or laugh. A random forum on the Internet offers proper 2FA using an authenticator app, but my bank still sticks with SMS/text as 2FA, and it only gets triggered for the first time or when cookies cleared. The sad status of security.

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Think before you link! Your "helpful" click here links look like this to a screen reader user. ALT = JAWS links list

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Error message: Please contact the sysadmin

Me: Wait .. I am the sysadmin.

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It still blows my mind after all these years @NVIDIAGeForce@twitter.com still hasn’t fixed the bug where disabling Nvidia Surround doesn’t restore your previous multiple monitor configuration. This honestly should be a very simple thing to implement making gamers so happy!

My OCD is on 🔥

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So @Octav1usKitten@twitter.com went to the Prague Technology Museum and they've got this beauty there and my god, it's amazing.
This is a Monotype machine! Look how many keys it has! Who needs a shift key (or other modifiers) when you can just have FOUR SEPARATE ALPHABETICAL KEYBOARDS?

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With the excitement around SwiftUI I've seen some questions about accessible coding with VoiceOver. We added custom punctuation to VoiceOver in iOS 13 so you can hear symbols important in contexts like coding, but ignore them in others like Mail.

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Did you know that with the Librem 5 smartphone you can remove the back and have access to :

- the battery
- a removable OpenPGP smart card
- a removable cellular modem
- and a microSD card so you can expand your storage later on

More here:

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