The Internet Archive are fund raising right now, and I just chucked a couple quid in the tip jar. You should too: they're a nonprofit organisation that is probably the single most important organisation in the fight for software preservation, and the preservation of the internet and it's culture. A culture that, through the proliferation of the web, has become *our* culture.

If you'd like too, just head over to, it's on their home page right now.

@TheFake_VIP talking about a global network as if it has a single culture is incredibly off-putting. :/

@TheFake_VIP They have a BTC address:


As a designer I always block the IA from crawling my sites.

1. There's nothing more embarrassing than seeing an old design which has since been replaced with something far better.

2. Older versions may contain content that is now incorrect and will confuse people.

3. They have no legal right to reproduce my work.

4. They're not preserving software. They're preserving design and content.

Also +1 to @zatnosk 's comment. The internet does not have a culture.

While the Wayback Machine ought to respect robots.txt, it's probably not a violation of copyright law to archive a website - there are plenty of exemptions allowing copying without the originator's permission.
@TheFake_VIP @zatnosk

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