It's time for an announcement. I am one of the co-developers of the Yggdrasil screen reader project, which aims to improve Linux accessibility, one step at a time. And, since I'm sure a fair few of you are now trying to figure out how to pronounce Yggdrasil ... we're changing its name. Your help would be greatly appreciated in helping us decide the new name, so join the discussion!

@TheFake_VIP Personally I think the name is fine as is. it’s original

@fireborn @robby @TheFake_VIP If you're browsing the Yggdrasil network using the Yggdrasil screenreader, I can imagine that it could get confusing.

@fireborn @robby That's not all, it was also the name of a now discontinued Linux distro, so searching for anything related to Yggdrasil and Linux is likely to bring that up.

There aren't too many inspiring domain names either. We could use yggdrasil-sr, but still.

@TheFake_VIP @robby oh I see. Thanks for informing. Will give this screen reader a go when I finally get linux working.

@TheFake_VIP "screed". Short for "Screen Reader", and also of course a type of writing (not necessarily a positive one, but you're trying to effect change so possibly appropriate).

That is of course if you think the name should be in English at all.

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