Installed with 40 over the weekend, and I must say, since the last time I tried using Gnome (I think around the 3.36 release), it's now definitely much more responsive, even when running the . still isn't perfect (I'm looking at you, Settings app sidebar), but this is a huge improvement, and I think I'll be sticking with Gnome for a while.

Decided to live dangerously and use all the new shinies too, so I'm running on root, with for my user account, Gnome on , and as my audio server. So far I've run into surprisingly few bugs or mis-configurations (even my RX580 and 3 monitors work fine). Perhaps the best news is that Orca is now quite stable under Wayland. Only thing it's missing is mouse-click emulation, which sucks, but I can mostly deal with. And everything feels buttery smooth.

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@TheFake_VIP thanks for the systemd-homed tip, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. And yeah, btrfs on root is amazing and #justworks.

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