Does anybody know of a good app for ? gets lots of love on the Android side, but I've heard nothing about iOS. Bonus points if it's .

I should point out that a search for PeerTube on the App Store yields no results, so either nobody has decided to do this, or Apple isn't comfortable with an unregulated streaming service on their App Store (highly likely, if ill considered). Anything else I imagine will be on .

@TheFake_VIP I can't help with this but it may be something that @joinpeertube can at providing a list of apps, in a similar way to how there is one at @joinmastodon.

@TheFake_VIP I think it's more that noone's done it. Peertube is running on activitypub just like Mastodon and you have a ton of iOS clients. It's probably a combination of PT not being big enough with the fact I bet the majority of the people using it now are linux+Android fans given the audiences things like that are most popular with.

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