I think an under appreciated part of Mastodon is that it uses standard methods to get and post data. Activitypub and activitystreams are w3c specifications, so you can communicate with any other fedoverse client. It's like the USB of data exchange (sure there's outliers, but on the whole everything is compatible).

It's sad we spend so much time explaining decentralisation to people when this could have been the only concept they'd need to understand.


I'm glad you mentioned this. Calling it the USB of the internet really illustrates how it works and will be super helpfull for me!

@ChrisTalleras You might be able to tell by some of my recent toots ... but I've been reading through the w3c specs for the technologies that power the fedoverse and have become a strong advercate for them in doing so. This is really the what the next generation of the original, decentralised document store that was the web should be.



Yeah, I'm working on making som political policies regarding digital neutrality and the decentralization of internet. So illustrative descriptions like these can be super helpfull to make people get on board!

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