curl -h 'Accept: application/activity+json'

If you've ever wondered how the and protocols that power the work, I'd highly recommend reading the w3 specs on these topics. They just fill me with excitement over how free of a web we could have. Its all very clean, simple and easy to implement, just like HTTP was or Gopher still is.

@felix Yep, just heard about that from reading these specs, it's something I'm gunna need to deep dive into soon. This is my first encounter of things like as well. It all sounds very precisely and expertly layed out to create as close to a frictionless experience as possible.

@felix @TheFake_VIP and very infuriating if you have to actually deal with it for stuff like LD-signatures

@grishka @TheFake_VIP i think only mastodon does it, but we dont? dunno asonix is the one who knows about the protocol stuff, i just link up his library to our database lol.

@felix @TheFake_VIP I also do them in #smithereen because I didn't really like the idea of re-fetching a bunch of stuff all the time.

@waweic Yeh. To be honest I could've worded that more clearly. I kinda meant the web 3.0 flashy javascript and ajax requests architecture when I said HTTP. HTTP itself is close to timeless as far as I'm concerned.

Iand I'm also not a hater of javascript and interactivity, but there's no denying it complicates things.

@TheFake_VIP Oh, I am a hater of Javascript, that's one of the reasons I like ActivityPub so much. What I don't really like about HTTP is the wild variety of possible incompatibilities and thus the complexity of any implementation of the protocol. I believe that it could be done a lot simpler, but well, it's what we have now

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