curl -h 'Accept: application/activity+json'

If you've ever wondered how the and protocols that power the work, I'd highly recommend reading the w3 specs on these topics. They just fill me with excitement over how free of a web we could have. Its all very clean, simple and easy to implement, just like HTTP was or Gopher still is.

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@waweic Yeh. To be honest I could've worded that more clearly. I kinda meant the web 3.0 flashy javascript and ajax requests architecture when I said HTTP. HTTP itself is close to timeless as far as I'm concerned.

Iand I'm also not a hater of javascript and interactivity, but there's no denying it complicates things.

@TheFake_VIP Oh, I am a hater of Javascript, that's one of the reasons I like ActivityPub so much. What I don't really like about HTTP is the wild variety of possible incompatibilities and thus the complexity of any implementation of the protocol. I believe that it could be done a lot simpler, but well, it's what we have now

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