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Me and @billswax have just finished and launched beta 1.0 of our new, completely written version of mundistry, an MMO game that simulates being a music artist. Check it out at

Ugh to keyboard shortcuts without alternatives. Feels like I only get the tool or character I need after I’ve first accidentally switched windows, closed a tab, taken a screenshot and typed at least three obscure characters I didn’t want.

This post brought to you by how on earth do I get a € again…


My life over the past few weeks:

- Build a new feature.
- Test and merge.
- Find a small regression.
- Fix the regression.
- Stumble upon a huge scalability issue.
- End up rethinking the architecture of a whole section.

Rinse and repeat



“if Uber keeps discriminating against you then stop using Uber and drive yourself”

sure, let me just get right into my nonexistent car and put in & turn the invisible keys, put the imaginary vehicle in drive, make some vrooming sounds, and then see how far that takes me.



Today marks my two year anniversary going on the waiting list.

It's hard waiting, but worth it for the right match. My future doggo will have a busy job!

I get great support from Guide Dogs but they rely entirely on charitable donations.

So please



A PR replacing our Gtk.Entry fields in favour of Gtk.SpinButton fields to improve accessibility is currently under review.
What do you guys think?



I love how the car enthusiast community calls the act of removing parts from the car a "delete"

From now on, you see, that remote? Yeah, I did a battery cover delete, +10 hp



I know silly-sounding names are just a fact of life, and Illinois has plenty of silly cities, towns, and villages, but I will *never* stop giggling upon reading the words "Yonkers, New York"

Keep on yonking, friends


welcome to 2019, where your messaging program uses 10x as much ram as your 3D modelling program

@TheFake_VIP Try installing any Linux distribution on a newer Mac computer. It's apparently a no go these days. People complain about Microsoft, but they're nothing in comparison with Apple.

Never mind ... I've fixed it now. Turns out the linux-firmware package wasn't installed for some reason.

Man is it ever hard to get Arch Linux running on a mac pro. I spent about an hour today troubleshooting boot issues (had to rebuild the initrd because it wasn't detecting the partitions for some reason) and now I've put my good GPU in and I'm getting no video whatsoever: not in the TTY and not in either a wayland or xorg graphics mode. Here's the reddit thread about it:

I'd love to see some sort of system that takes Dat/IPFS, SSB, ActivityPub and HTML to push the Web in a holistic way. I do want to be able to walk into a store with my phone and have devices acknowledge me SOLELY because of the information stored on my phone, not because of my device's UUID from Google. I'd love to authorize things using things I have on my person versus needing to trust large companies for this.

Pro-tip: creating better tools to protect the interests of enterprises isn’t going to magically result in better tools to protect the interests of individuals.

If you want to earn a billion dollars making enterprise software, sure, go ahead, waste your life that way, but don’t pretend you’re working to protect human rights or democracy.

One day, I'll run around opening PRs to ActivityPub projects to help them become more interoperable.

But I haven't the time nor funds for that right now. Maybe in February.

Very well done review, with many thoughtful comments. Thanks XPSTECH !

Distro Review : MX LINUX 19 "Performance Beast".


RT I know for many of you your game isn't going to sell as many units on compared to Steam. But, if you ever want that to change then you need to treat like a serious alternative.

So please, match your sales, upload your latest builds, post your updates.


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