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Just finished adding all my older back to after I started rewriting it using about a month ago. We're getting closer and closer to being exactly where we were 2 years ago with my old, custom PHP CMS! Hay, it's been totally worth moving to this new platform though. Next thing on the list is to bring back the Contributors section.

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On Twitter I feel like a bot. On Mastodon I feel like a person. It's so astounding how much a big corporation, promoted contents, ads, bad design choices and a desire to try to stand out can hurt, even if subconsciously, a social platform's perception. When you take all that away, and you're left with the core elements you need to virtually socialise, you end up with a platform that's out of sight and out of mind.

I already own a BrailleNote Apex, but there's no way I'm even considering sacrificing it for this.

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If weren't so rediculously expensive, I'd love to get one (preferably a small one) and integrate it into a case with a . Then I could install , , maybe even a GUI and and have a powered braille notetaker.

#Linux, #accessibility, #orca 

If anyone knows, or can find out, what to name the sound icons for orca that go in ~/.local/share/orca/sounds, or knows of an existing sound pack, I want to here from you. I've cloned and looked through the code, and while I could, with some effort, reverse engineer what they should be named, that spans multiple modules and third party packages and it would be much easier to have a working example.

I'm also aware that this support might not even be complete.

Never come near me if you don't want to end up with 3 displays, or at least 2. I'm the biggest advocator of maximising desktop space and simultaneously improving window management there is. And I can't even see well enough to read what's on them.


Friends at Google/YouTube: This UI for like/dislike counts is a bad design. At a glance, it looks like the count is 400-something likes and 900-something dislikes. That K is technically correct but optically disguises the fact that likes outnumber dislikes 42-1.


@nitox I Love #ff being #FreeFriday! Let's hijack it 😂
My #FridayFossmendation is Miniflux, which integrates with Wallabag and is a fantastic RSS reader. I've been running both for a while and it's by far the most frictionless setup I've had for RSS/link saving! Plus, Miniflux supports the Fever API so it is compatible with most RSS reading apps (at least on iOS, which is what I use)!

I even do this when I disagree with someone. It just sends the message that I understand where they're coming from, and recognise their right to have that opinion, even if I don't share it.

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May I suggest to people that if somebody replies to you, even if they're telling you something you already knew, or otherwise not actually contributing anything useful, you still like, favourite, up-vote or otherwise express your thanks for that reply. They have no way of knowing what you do, and even if what they're saying doesn't quite line up given the context of the original post, they're still trying to participate in your own conversation.

Friendly reminder that if you have a problem with a piece of software, approaching and working with the devs is generally more constructive than yelling about it on social media.

A reminder to myself as much as anyone else.

Well this is annoying:

I come across a Mastodon poll I want to vote in, so I click on it in @tootapp. Turns out, Toot doesn't label the buttons that select choices, so I can't tell what I'm choosing. Okay, copy link, let's do this on the web.

Nope. I don't know whether it's a VoiceOver bug or the site, but @Mastodon doesn't let me select the radio buttons for some reason.

I'm using freshly updated iOS beta, so it could be that.

Microsoft and the Linux community don't realize the most important thing about accessibility features: *accessibility must be accessible*. Any and all effort that has to be put in to set up accessibility features is a barrier. This is mostly unavoidable in the current landscape; you need to be able to operate a computer like an abled person to get to accessibility features, no matter what OS you're using. But that's not an excuse to make accessibility even harder to access. OS devs need to step up their fucking game. (fin.)

For those that haven't especially those of you using @tootapp, I recommend creating lists of people who toot about similar interesting things. It's obviously not perfect (people toot about whatever they like), but it's a good way to catch up on a particular topic from only the people you want. In Toot, the lists appear directly in the sidebar, and I'm assuming some other clients give them easy access.

If your new to #mastodon and you’re interested in #technology, #opensource, or #privacy topics I’ve made a list of accounts to drop a follow only OFFICIAL ones not bots

Be sure to #boost

Tor Project - @torproject
Matrix Project - @matrix
Proton Services - @protonmail @protonvpn @ProtonCalendar
Swiso - @switchingsoftware
PrivacyTools - @privacytools
Mastodon - @Mastodon
Pixelfed - @pixelfed
Pixeldroid - @PixelDroid

tired: blockchains solve everything

tired: blockchains don't solve anything

wired: blockchains (meaning merkle tree + distributed consensus) solve a very specific problem at high cost: a global ordering of events in a decentralized system

I really want a spotify for scientific journals, but where researchers actually get paid

we need to be willing to sacrifice our own tastes for the privacy, security and improved quality of life of others. We can always just mute them and their servers, that's built into the platform.

Wow, this got shouty. I don't mean to be like that, but I did want to make my opinion known that I'll happily swamp my timeline with mainstream people if that makes their lives better.

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