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As a general rule of thumb, I won't follow anyone who:

• Hasn't posted anything yet.

• Doesn't have a bio

It's not that I don't like or don't trust you if you're one of those people, but because ActivityPub has no big scarey algorithm backing it, you must put actual effort into curating your feed. I imagine this is true for quite a few others on the .

A recent software upgrade enables using bluetooth devices for audio output.

The device has been out for 4 years. 4 years that people could have been using bluetooth headphones with the Nintendo Switch, if the Switch's OS was Free Software, rather than proprietary. The arbitrary limitations of proprietary software will never cease to amaze me.

#NintendoSwitch #FreeSoftware

I've reached out to a few of you individually, but maybe I should broadcast it a bit further.

The Engineering org at Moz is hiring (like crazy!) - if you're a software developer / engineer / infrastructure / ops / manager / anything - then we should chat!

I'd be thrilled to tell you why I love working at Moz and see if we have a position that might be exciting for you.

Also - don't be dismayed by the US/CA requirement. If you're in the UK / EU / LATAM let me know!

What a sad day yesterday was. I'm nowhere near old enough to remember the Speccy, or the C5, but I'm sure aware of the impact this man had on Personal Computing, and no doubt computer literacy. When you invented the pocket calculator, thus initiating the calculator wars ... and that's not the thing you're best known for, that's a pretty good measure of success.

I guess this was realised earlier on than I'm alluding to, and the problem perhaps lay with programmers just using functions that had already been super ceded because ya know, security, what's that?

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I kinda find it crazy that at some point, it was considered okay to allow a function to take a pointer to a buffer to write into without also taking a size, and just hoping that it wouldn't write too much. Like, seriously, how did no one think this was an issue for over 30 years? It seems like a horrible hack to me, surely it would to the brilliant, genius people who invented the and the and C standards?

Recommendations for tools to make this easier certainly welcome.

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On the plus side, once it's set up, in my case auto-deploying a site to a organisation page, it's absolute bliss.

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Is it just me or are pretty frustrating to debug? Spend a while coming up with a config, only for there to be a syntax error because . After about 5 commits to test, fix that ... and then discover your authentication doesn't work, and spend another 5 commits fixing that. My log's now completely trashed!

Although the UK will maintain the GDPR framework post-Brexit, the government plans to overhaul privacy rules. What could this mean for the protection of UK citizens? Let’s hope it errs on the side of private. @Alexhern reports:

Original tweet :

When something goes wrong with software from some large corporation, users are likely to blame themselves and assume they have done something "wrong". When similar problems happen using small FLOSS projects, users are likely to curse the developers.

The success of commercial software has a lot to do with the power dynamics. The user has to conform to the conditions set by the all-powerful publisher. But with FLOSS things are more equal and assigning blame is messier.

linux desktop performance/experiments 

so @koz_ross recently mentioned his system locks up without linux-ck and i remembered that yeah, mine freezes up and gets stuttery when building stuff

is there a way to fix this with stock linux? introducing my two-part EXPERIMENT: launch everything with systemd-run, and set up systemd-oomd

there's going to be a lot of systemd stuff here so if you're not running systemd, this probably isn't for you


"there’s something in the Framework box Apple would never include: a screwdriver. Unlike almost every piece of tech I’ve ever bought, this laptop is begging to be taken apart, tinkered with and, above all, kept for as long as possible." -


why are restaurants incapable of having normal or even functional websites?

Fediverse, what do you recommend for managing personal finances and such? Any good FLOSS software/workflows out there for such things?

Australian police can now hack your device, collect or delete your data, take over your social media accounts - all without a judge's warrant. We must fight for our right to privacy!

Stellarium is a free and open source, multi-platform desktop planetarium, renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time with OpenGL

Install: PPA repository, Deb, RPM, Snap, Flatpak and AppImage packages, EXE (Windows), .App (macOS)

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