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As a general rule of thumb, I won't follow anyone who:

• Hasn't posted anything yet.

• Doesn't have a bio

It's not that I don't like or don't trust you if you're one of those people, but because ActivityPub has no big scarey algorithm backing it, you must put actual effort into curating your feed. I imagine this is true for quite a few others on the .

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Just finished adding all my older back to after I started rewriting it using about a month ago. We're getting closer and closer to being exactly where we were 2 years ago with my old, custom PHP CMS! Hay, it's been totally worth moving to this new platform though. Next thing on the list is to bring back the Contributors section.

*FINALLY* found the time to set up @nextcloud on my today. Did it all with , and even configured via . So far, everything's going really well. I'm planning to use this for all sorts, but the first practical use will be auto photo upload from my phone using the Nextcloud app, which seems to be working great so far.

Public Service Announcement

The symbol # has many names, including "hash". Using a hash to make a tag word easier to search makes the whole construct a "hashtag".

Because people say things like "check out hashtag 'learn'", people inferred that the # itself was spoken as "hashtag". This has led to some confusion in certain kinds of discussion.

Just wanna say because it bears saying - you are all incredibly cool. The fediverse community is everything I love about the internet that seems to slowly be seeping away from most sites and services as tech becomes more and more mainstream. Yes I'm old. GET OFF MY LAWN! :)

Been writing some ++ today. Don't get me wrong, it has its uses, but after a long time working with plain and , I find C++ rather ... over-complicated. Due to it's roots in C, it almost feels like two languages stuck together, whereas C and Rust feel cohesive, like they're one thing. I get that this is somewhat down to me writing code in C and Rust more recently, but I see now why many people like sticking to C, and why Rust is a home for the design of a safer, more focused language.

My latest project, a simple for allocating and managing ( ) of elements of any kind. As with lots of my projects, this likely already exists, but it's a good way for me to learn and become confident with managing memory myself. No README or docs yet: coming soon TM.

Interested in #federated #messaging via #XMPP?

My follow-recommendations:

* @xmpp the XMPP Standards Foundation
* @blabber a messenger application and server
* @dino a beautiful messenger for linux
* @gajim a powerful messenger for linux and windows
* @kaidan yet another XMPP messenger
* @mellium client library written in go
* @Monal messenger for iOS
* @tigase develops XMPP server and client software
* @snikket_im XMPP made simple

Feel free to add more interesting accounts/folks to the list!

Continued work on my pr to implement for -rs, a fantastic written in . If this is merged, anything that can interface to C will have a tts library that works on , , , , , and even on the web via .

Dose anybody know of a #client for #peertube on desktop? Or am i stuck with using a web browser?


#ytdlp is a fork of #ytdlc.

yt-dlp is an improved fork of yt-dlc (#youtubedl community) adding several features. yt-dlp improves support for configuration files, adding output templates and portable conf files. yt-dlp brings more extractors (and quick testing of new extractors), as well as support for using Aria2c as the downloader.

Website 🔗️:

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #archive

#nmd is a collection of #publicdomain #singleheader libraries.

nmd is a set of #C libraries, including a (dis)assembler for #x86, a 2D graphics library, a sockets library, and a WIP C preprocessor. All nmd utilities are made in #C89 with cross platform support (including cross-framework), allowing for nmd libraries to be used on practically any platform, including #embedded.

Website 🔗️:

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #programming

I should point out that a search for PeerTube on the App Store yields no results, so either nobody has decided to do this, or Apple isn't comfortable with an unregulated streaming service on their App Store (highly likely, if ill considered). Anything else I imagine will be on .

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Whenever I hear a developer from Amazon, Google, or Oracle talk I always wonder if they think about the impact of the software they develop or if they are so enamored by working on an interesting challenge they don't consider the impact.

We won't be hearing about any blue screen of death on #Mars since #NASA rover robot is powered by #Linux and #FPrime.

#software is #opensource! Check it out in the NASA repo.

F´: A Flight-Proven, Multi-Platform, Open-Source Flight Software Framework

#Accessibility 👏🏻 is 👏🏻 not 👏🏻 feature 👏🏻 work.


Sometimes I'm truly amazed at what humans can do. We're all set up to just eat and reproduce and fight off a couple predators and some time goes by and we decide to go out and put self-driving cars and helicopters on a planet 200 million km away. Because we want to know things.


Does anybody know of a good app for ? gets lots of love on the Android side, but I've heard nothing about iOS. Bonus points if it's .

Some other small programs I've wrote in this learning process include "service", a command to query the system's service database (/etc/services), and "proto", the same thing for the protocol database (/etc/protocols).

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