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Me and @billswax have just finished and launched beta 1.0 of our new, completely written version of mundistry, an MMO game that simulates being a music artist. Check it out at

@TheFake_VIP yeah, the "Reader View" in does something similar but it's just client side...

today I went to do and forgot my phone. I didn't bother me in the least. I have broken the addiction, not by deleting all social media, whatsapp etc. but by avoiding the addiction triggers. once this is understood it's fairly easy to get around the addictive pattern... and be - free.

A phone handset that lets you install any OS as easy as you can on a PC or laptop, that’s the dream.

Let’s be real here, until we have that mobile FOSS projects will never really gain traction because they have to develop for specific handsets and with the pace they are released, the resources are not available

Just got to work and now my Windows 10 PC is telling me that some other workstation has modified my local mail directory. That's the sort of thing that sounds like it shouldn't be possible. Thanks MS.

One of the worst features of Windows is how it subtly teaches users to ignore error messages and never to click on "help".

And the hardest part of Linux seems to be unlearning this habit.

I really do like GNUCash. Spent the afternoon doing accounts and it was a doddle thanks to that program.

Whoa, Ubuntu 18.04 is getting 10 years of LTS support.

That's a shots fired to Red Hat.

Canonical extends Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS support to 10 years!

These news elevate Ubuntu to even more enterprise-friendly Linux distribution. LTS= Long Term Support.

Businesses care about stability; the latest and greatest features not so much.

They care about once something is set up and working that it keeps working for as long as possible.

Smart, Canonical, now that Winblows 10 just keeps destroying itself.


Lately, many people that I truly respect have answered to the ' #google product or #apple customer ' question by switching to iOS.

It makes some sense to choose the platform of a customer-oriented company instead of the tracking-oriented one's, cos you need here and now a smartphone that just works.

But only a #foss platform can give back to the users the control of their devices.

Let's not fall into the "lesser of two evils" trap. There are foss mobile initiatives out there. And they need our support.

Well duh, I get more and better engagement here on Mastodon with less than 200 followers than I ever did on Twitter with more than 1100 followers. Quality over quantity.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says Follower Count is Meaningless

Why can't the memory prices go x5660 machine still has only 12GB of memory because I refuse to pay so much for over 5 year old parts.

A backdoor is a vulnerability by definition. When Politicians demand backdoors to encryption, they are not asking us to choose between security and privacy. They are asking us to choose no security:

#Fight4Privacy #No2Backdoors

Dijkstra Shortest Path algorithm, which finds the shortest path between 2 nodes in a graph, was developed in 1956 in 20 minutes while Dijkstra was relaxing on a café in Amsterdam with his fiancée. His algorithm is still widely used today.

imagine doing science because you want to propel humanity into it's next stage of development and not because you want to make 100 million dollars instead of 80 million dollars next quarter
after the revolution google executives will be forced to live in rooms with advertisements related to their current activities constantly interrupting their existence at random intervals
thinking about how many billions of dollars have been sunk into the Gmail UI and how it sometimes cant even open emails when i click on them

@pallgone One of the biggest problems these complaints about ReCaptcha have is that most of them are not constructive.

If you want someone to replace Google's captcha service from their web page, try to provide them an alternative that achieves (almost) the same without being a Google service.

Simply because from a technical and financial perspective most alternatives are either expensive or not efficient.

And expensive for most private web pages often means everything is not gratis.

Santa simplification:

Just went for a "visit" at a council house I do IT for.

When I was leaving, the vice-mayor asked me: "I got some old laptops at home, nothing to do with them. Would you like to have them?"

Needless to say I said yes. I'll scavenge them, try reinstalling them with Linux or something, play around and gift them out, depending on the overall usefullness and condition.
Maybe sell them, make monitors out of them, anything.

If they're fucked, I'll take them apart at school!

Bad idea of the day: to combat writer's block, use automatic writing as a divinatory method to predict what you would have written if you didn't have writer's block

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