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#Firefox may implement a "Super Private Browsing" mode #Privacy #Security 

Mozilla To Add Tor Features In Firefox For A 'Super Privacy Browsing' Mode

Mozilla Firefox, with an aim to further work on the privacy and security of users, could soon introduce a new mode for the same. As found in the research grants of the company, Mozilla plans to work in two main areas: Data and Privacy and Security in the Firefox browser.

Scheduled for an 7:30 PDT launch. The Falcon 9 should be launching 60 Starlink satellites in low orbit.

Can watch here

Pretty interesting. Will be a better ISP than Comcast... The bar isn't very high and their looking to shoot pretty high.

SpaceX explains how its internet satellites will survive in orbit

SpaceX wants to send up 12,000 satellites eventually.

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If you haven't checked it out yet, is a great source for news and my favorite, quick tutorials. For example, today, they posted a guide on installing Seafile on CentOS!

Has anyone upgraded from 18.10 to 19.04 on here?

What steps did you follow?

This article has the tone of "The end is near!" To it in regards to automation taking jobs.
I for one welcome innovation. Each building losing 24 employees, at the rate they're building FC's they're still creating thousands of jobs. Anyways I've seen it first hand, they will move people to where they're needed.

#NinjaBomb Nothing else needed to say. 

CIA 'Ninja bomb' replaces explosives with six long blades

The US miliary has been using a missile that brandishes knives to reduce the chances of killing nearby innocents.

Space Deals #SpaceBusiness US and Luxembourg sign 'space commerce' pact 

The US and Luxembourg have signed an agreement that could see them work closely together on space mining.

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Ecobee’s leaked contact sensor suggests it’s about to challenge Amazon’s Ring and Google Nest

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Goodbye, Shadowman: Red Hat changes its logo | ZDNet

Perhaps the most famous Linux/open-source logo after Tux the Linux Penguin, Red Hat's Shadowman is being replaced by -- naturally -- a Red Hat.

ZDNet: Goodbye, Shadowman: Red Hat changes its logo.

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Librem One.

Purism is a privacy-orientated Linux device company. They have launched a bundle of mobile apps / services for Android and iOS.

* Librem Mail – Encrypted email client
* Librem Chat – Matrix messaging app
* Librem Tunnel – Private VPN tunnel
* Librem Social – Public social networking

The aim is to sign up 5,000 backers by the start of July.

Bear in mind: there’s also a free plan!

== >

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Is this the mark of Facebook's downfall? Facebook hit with three privacy investigations in a single day – TechCrunch 

Third time lucky — unless you’re Facebook . The social networking giant was hit Thursday by a trio of investigations over its privacy practices following a particularly tumultuous month of security lapses and privacy violations — the latest in a string of embarrassing and damaging breaches at…

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Destination EP117 Digital

On DL117 @MX_Linux 18.2, AV Linux, 2.10.10, 23.1, 2nd Gen Proc, laptops heat up with Hat, ZFS installs, DLC for , plus our Tips, Tricks and Software Spotlight picks!.

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