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So I was browsing through the F-Droid app center and came across a Social App called Manyverse. It's concept sounds really interesting. Looking at it a little more I can seet that the underlying protocol is SSB (Scuttlebutt). Seems pretty similar to ActivityPub.
Anyone know the key differences?

I could use your help! 

I've posted this once before so sorry if I'm getting bit spammy... Last one I swear! My company is up for a Network Computing award in two categories.

Super quick and easy, just fill out the form at this link (it’s pre-populated with votes for us and no you won’t get spammed) and click submit. If you’re interested you can forward the vote confirmation to and you’ll be entered to win an Apple HomePod.

Gov’t warns on VPN security bug in Cisco, Palo Alto, F5, Pulse software. #CyberSecurity 

VPN packages from Cisco, Palo Alto, F5 and Pusle may improperly secure tokens and cookies, allowing nefarious actors an opening to invade and take control over an end user’s system.

Network World: Gov’t warns on VPN security bug in Cisco, Palo Alto, F5, Pulse software.

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If you are a linux gamer, I found this great website that lists games compatibility with Proton. Linux gaming is better than ever before.

What electric off-road vehicles could and should aspire to be... 

Rivian community imagines R1S SUV in extreme, off-road all-electric adventure

The growing Rivian community is flexing its imagination more each day while taking the company’s “electric adventure” narrative to heart, and one design-minded member rendered Rivian’s R1S SUV as an extreme, off-road beast. Graphic artist Mo Aoun added meaty tires with lots of traction...

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Wednesday night is Game Night! 🕹 We're back this week with another Snapcraft Live. This time we'll look at building and publishing game snaps. Join us tomorrow at 19:00 UTC (20:00 BST), bring your games and questions!

Astronomers Worldwide Are About to Make a Groundbreaking Black Hole Announcement

Hey helpful reasonable mastadoners.. the company I work for is up for a Network Computing Award if you have a minute to help... 

Netreo friends, OmniCenter is a finalist again!
Help us 4-peat by taking 15 seconds to vote at
All you have to do is enter your info & click 'submit'
Forward your vote confirmation to NCawards@netreo
.com & you'll be entered to win an Apple Homepod.
We appreciate your help!!

Shameless Company Plug here #Netreo #NMS #OmniCenter #MobileApp 

If I'm not mistaken, I believe this is the most comprehensive NMS companion mobile app out there.

15 things you couldn't do 15 years ago 

15 years feels like forever.

Engadget: 15 things you couldn't do 15 years ago.

Netiquette And Networking: Professionalism As A Virtual Worker 

How do you convey credibility and confidence without a handshake? These six remote work habits may be why you’re missing out on career growth opportunities.

Any Linux users out here in the Boise area?

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Although I disagree with the click baity headline and description the article was decently informed.

There really is a simple explanation for the Amazon New York pullout. 

There's 1 Simple Reason Amazon Backed out of New York--and It Was in Front of Our Noses the Whole Time

Who you want to blame is a matter of perspective. But nobody should be surprised it happened.

Inc.: There's 1 Simple Reason Amazon Backed out of New York--and It Was in Front of Our Noses the Whole Time.

Another proof the media is left sided. All these headlines bashing Amazon and how they couldn't cut it with NY.... Why would a company spend billions in a location that's going to fight them tooth and nail. Where are those headlines?

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Destination Linux EP107 - Linux Laptop Envy

on DL107: News and reviews for , Awesome Window Manager, 65's announcement for AV1 Standard, Video Editor Olive - New Laptops from and much more

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