#Firefox may implement a "Super Private Browsing" mode #Privacy #Security 

Mozilla To Add Tor Features In Firefox For A 'Super Privacy Browsing' Mode

Mozilla Firefox, with an aim to further work on the privacy and security of users, could soon introduce a new mode for the same. As found in the research grants of the company, Mozilla plans to work in two main areas: Data and Privacy and Security in the Firefox browser.


Not really tech but thought this was a really good shot. I guess the tech behind panorama photos and some minor photo filtering to bring out the colors counts right?

Goodbye, Shadowman: Red Hat changes its logo | ZDNet

Perhaps the most famous Linux/open-source logo after Tux the Linux Penguin, Red Hat's Shadowman is being replaced by -- naturally -- a Red Hat.

ZDNet: Goodbye, Shadowman: Red Hat changes its logo.

Is this the mark of Facebook's downfall? Facebook hit with three privacy investigations in a single day – TechCrunch 

Third time lucky — unless you’re Facebook . The social networking giant was hit Thursday by a trio of investigations over its privacy practices following a particularly tumultuous month of security lapses and privacy violations — the latest in a string of embarrassing and damaging breaches at…


Gov’t warns on VPN security bug in Cisco, Palo Alto, F5, Pulse software. #CyberSecurity 

VPN packages from Cisco, Palo Alto, F5 and Pusle may improperly secure tokens and cookies, allowing nefarious actors an opening to invade and take control over an end user’s system.

Network World: Gov’t warns on VPN security bug in Cisco, Palo Alto, F5, Pulse software.

What electric off-road vehicles could and should aspire to be... 

Rivian community imagines R1S SUV in extreme, off-road all-electric adventure

The growing Rivian community is flexing its imagination more each day while taking the company’s “electric adventure” narrative to heart, and one design-minded member rendered Rivian’s R1S SUV as an extreme, off-road beast. Graphic artist Mo Aoun added meaty tires with lots of traction...


Netiquette And Networking: Professionalism As A Virtual Worker 

How do you convey credibility and confidence without a handshake? These six remote work habits may be why you’re missing out on career growth opportunities.


Although I disagree with the click baity headline and description the article was decently informed.

There really is a simple explanation for the Amazon New York pullout. 

There's 1 Simple Reason Amazon Backed out of New York--and It Was in Front of Our Noses the Whole Time

Who you want to blame is a matter of perspective. But nobody should be surprised it happened.

Inc.: There's 1 Simple Reason Amazon Backed out of New York--and It Was in Front of Our Noses the Whole Time.

So I'm having an issue with my install using package.
After I get it installed and even performed the manual isntall through the CLI. It fails to bring up the web UI.

Anyone have any ideas?

Anyone seen this this message before? I updated my CentOS 7 to latest minor release and the next time I rebooted it powers down before even getting to the BIOS option.
Instructions I've seen tell me boot to a USB and go into recovery mode. But I can't even get to the point where I can choose to boot from USB.

Distro of choice....and go!

Solus (with gnome-shell at the moment)


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...