Has anyone upgraded from 18.10 to 19.04 on here?

What steps did you follow?


It is advisable to back up your shit and do a clean install. Trust me.

At this point, you think there's still high risk?

I saw the command to perform the update for Ubuntu proper. Just wasn't sure if the same should be used on an ubuntu variant.


There is no risk when you back up your shit.

The clean install is indeed a clean install. You will thank yourself later.

Or.. you can switch to a rolling release model distro such as Solus or Manjaro.

Yeah I used to use Solus, pretty nice.
Maybe once they issue a fully supported KDE variant.

Tried it but there where some quirks that drove me crazy, especially on my main work laptop.


But getting back to your current situation: as you're not on to a rolling release... It is very wise to do a clean install.

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