So I'm having an issue with my install using package.
After I get it installed and even performed the manual isntall through the CLI. It fails to bring up the web UI.

Anyone have any ideas?

@Swelch are those directories in the screenshot from the public nextcloud folder where the index.php is? i haven't used any snaps. is it supposed to include apache, php and be configured for serving nextcloud? if not, i would take a look at the config for both of those.

That's what I'm not sure about. Those are exactly what's in my `/var/www/html/` path. I don't know if the is supposed to populate that directory or if it's supposed to be self contained and port 80 is just supposed to point to it?

@Swelch well i see now that that is the source that is using for the snap.
so have you tried the minimal instructions on the github page?

Are you referring to the standard install to the operating system.
My goal has been to keep it containerized. I have a docker container, pointed to a container of MariaDB. But it's having issues with the UI and proven difficult (for me at least) to get it to use https.
Which is why I'm trying the snap option.
I used this have guide from

@Swelch one of my messages didn't get through to you. i was referring to this: which is the source of the snap download on
@Swelch idk where the snap install command gets it's snaps from but i would hope it gets it from the upstream repo. putting in another layer would kind of defeat the purpose of a snap. :)
@Swelch as far as the docker container goes i'm no help on app containers. i use lxc os containers and install my nextcloud instances the standard/old way.

I'll check out the GitHub link and power through it thanks.

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