Anyone seen this this message before? I updated my CentOS 7 to latest minor release and the next time I rebooted it powers down before even getting to the BIOS option.
Instructions I've seen tell me boot to a USB and go into recovery mode. But I can't even get to the point where I can choose to boot from USB.

@Swelch I saw this last week trying to install 7.4 on a macmini. It's something to do with EFI since 7.4 that affects older machines. See

@Swelch usb boot should still be possible via certain F keys (which one, will depend on your hardware) before the centos boot is attempted

Found that key on Mac hardware. It's Alt. But even choosing the USB boot option goes straight to that error message.
Chances of recovering my system is looking more slim.

@Swelch sorry i meant 7.6 not 7.4. try to boot a centos 7.5 or Ubuntu 18.04 from usb and it should work. Even 7.6 on usb stick will fail

Realized that and `dd` redora server to USB.
Followed the steps here,

All is right with the world now.

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