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Apple is going to install a scanning system on its phones that reduces user privacy and security. That’s not something we should stay quiet about.

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When can we expect a version 21 Snap package release?

On a less rant filled topic. I setup my first ZigBee based device in my home and stoked at how well it works.
Can't wait to flesh out this mesh network and take as much as I can off my WiFi.

@omnipotens hey do you have any preferred tutorial to spinning up a Mastodon instance or preferred method in hindsight?

#Firefox may implement a "Super Private Browsing" mode #Privacy #Security 

Mozilla To Add Tor Features In Firefox For A 'Super Privacy Browsing' Mode

Mozilla Firefox, with an aim to further work on the privacy and security of users, could soon introduce a new mode for the same. As found in the research grants of the company, Mozilla plans to work in two main areas: Data and Privacy and Security in the Firefox browser.

Interesting observation:

Tested out @nextcloud with my parents the other day. Turned out to have the best video quality we've seen from any service so far. Including Zoom, FaceTime, Duo.

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Tellico, KDE's collection organizer app, releases version 3.3. Organize music, books, films, TV, series, even coins. Give Tellico some basic info and it will download CD covers, release dates, and all the other data you need to keep tabs on each item.

I urge you guys to use this easy auto email tool to reach out to your local representative to give your voice against this new bill they're trying to pass. It sets the stage for a sad hugely invasive future.

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Here's a great Snapcraft tutorial by published by - It's a super primer to get bootstrapped.

Does anyone here have any experience with, specifically the slackbridge configuration?

This sounds pretty critical.
New Linux Vulnerability Lets Attackers Hijack VPN Connections

Hey smart people.
Does anyone know the best GUI MIB Browser for Linux currently? Free or not free in both the beer and freedom perspective. I just want the best tool for the job.

Right now I'm using
Is it the best available?

First step in lengthy deep space travel.... Stopping and even reversing your biological clock.

For those interested in smart home products. I just made a Telegram channel. 

Smarter Than The Average Home
Just a running series of items I find would be a good smart home product.
Not necessarily something I own.

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Ever seen an ad so accurate you think your phone is listening to you? While that's not the case, the reality is even creepier.

Here's how Google & Facebook collect your data & use it to auction you off to advertisers for profit:

Original tweet :

Not really tech but thought this was a really good shot. I guess the tech behind panorama photos and some minor photo filtering to bring out the colors counts right?

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Today we announce our joint collaboration with @kde on #LinuxAppSummit
and building an application ecosystem.

Join us in Barcelona Nov 12-14th, 15th a BoF day!

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