Mastodon wins the Why So Serious? award.
When I posted the same meme on Twitter, Facebook, and MeWe everyone who replied to me got the dark humour joke and thanked me for posting.

@josias @SolusSpider See the difference is, with the other things, they actually can prevent something dangerous to most people

Except the shirt and service thing lol

😅 So true!

Glad I live where people understand and accept that we do need these precautions and actually cooperate. #Filipino #bayanihan #HealAsOne #Philippines 🇵🇭

The problem is that there are thousands of deadly viruses all around us, has been for eons, only now there's a propaganda of fear, a paranoia of guilt.
The "deadly" virus has a 99.8% recovery rate - so not so deadly.

Yes it would be, its an average for across the ages, the youngest its about 99.997%, for the eldest it about 97.78. All are approximate.

I an sorry to hear that. I hope she remains well & blessed. 🙏

@SolusSpider To be fair, I have a problem with what the TSA asks, but I put up with it anyway.

@SolusSpider failing to see how the last relates. weird that no one has sued for defamation or such. being accused of being infected when one is not? guess many people would reject tests all the same. yet, it would be much more effective to have tests done than mandating mask wearing.

reports of infected being accused of being victims because of not wearing a mask not alarming? a mask aids in preventing; does not prevent. testing is not encouraged because testing is expensive?! %1

@SolusSpider where are masks dumped? what effect will billions of masks being dumped have on life next year? we cannot burn them; may only reuse so much. we have straws and other plastics as examples for what will happen. do we want to go down that road again?

in all my years, the only contagion that i know of getting more serious the further lettering goes is hepatitis. how much deadlier are the variants?


@SolusSpider a funny story: earlier in the year -- about january -- i asked a medical professional during a seminar how the hospitalised are treated for covid19. her answer was, "that is a secret"... persons that have made it back from hospice say they were not treated. they were placed in beds and shunned. if there is respiratory support, that is as much as they get. of course, doctors are human. they have fears. still, too much is hidden; there are too many lies. %end

@nergal Your question does not apply to me or my household.
I have used the same 4 cloth bandanas since the start of the pandemic washing them all the time.
My wife and mother-in-law are wearing masks that my wife either made or purchased, which are also cloth and re-useable.

that is right! will try to document if there are still adverse reactions to bandana masks in my turf.

So this is not accurate at all. I had to go to traffic school after getting 3 tickets. 90% of the people in my class were there for not wearing seat belts, and none of them thought that they did anything wrong.

I have worked in a restaurant, and whenever I told someone they needed shoes or a shirt, the response was never "ok, no problem".

It is the same for all the others.

@yisraeldov No meme is perfect, but going by your response you knew exactly what it was trying to say.

@SolusSpider I get what you are trying to say and I repeat. It is not accurate at all.

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