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Batchelor life for a 3 day weekend starts with coming home to blasting out Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure throughout the house.

We will be performing infrastructure maintenance and upgrades tomorrow starting at 9AM EST / 2PM UTC. This maintenance is expected to take roughly 4-5 hours, as we're swapping out drives, upgrading our CPUs, and performing volume changes.

During this time, our hosted services (e.g. Phabricator, forums, and website) will be unavailable. You can follow us here for further updates.

Lex18 covered the Feeding Kentucky Rally today at the State Capital in Frankfort.
God's Pantry Food Bank was represented, along with many other organizations that fight hunger in Kentucky.

Anyone out there in land own a desktop PC?
They look excellent in the website, but looking for "real world" reviews.

Radeon VII The Worlds First 7nm GPU - Linux Performance & First Impressions via @YouTube #Linux

My Mastodon profile page of is now working!
Linuxrocks updated to 2.7.2 and whatever the issue was, it is now fixed.

@Linux Was out with my wife at a cafe doing some work. She was using her Windows 10 laptop connected to her phones hotspot and I was using Ubuntu on mine.

Windows 10 decided to download updates which finished her monthly data plan and asked me to use my laptop to finish her work. Went back home later and asked me to install Ubuntu for her.

This week's focus of Bible study is Revelation chapter 8.
The 7th seal gets opened and we see the results of the first 4 of 7 trumpet sounds.
Wednesday evening's church teen class is going to have a most interesting discussion.

The irony is not lost on me that an anthophobia site uses a flower picture!!!

Mastodon users, a fact about myself: I have anthophobia, the fear of flowers.
This article well describes my condition:
Especially this line:
"A full blown panic attack at the sight or thought of flowers. This includes racing heart, sweaty palms, rapid/accelerated breathing, shivering, shaking, etc. These symptoms might arise at the thought, and not just the sight of flowers."
Christina Ricci shares this condition with me.

Going to join stevesveryown on his Monday Evening Quick Stream 02/18/2019 in just over an hour at 8:30pm Eastern USA.

On Saturday 23rd February 2019, at our updated start time of 8:00pm Eastern USA, Big Daddy Linux Live shall be reviewing Mageia 7 Beta 1.
Please join us, either on YouTube or Zoom (contact me for details).

Just switched from GNOME to this week. Really enjoying the customizability. It's more lightweight too.
The drop down terminal is pretty neat as well.

In just over 2 hours, at 9:00pm Eastern USA, I shall be taking part in Big Daddy Linux Live.
We shall be reviewing MakuluLinux Core.
Please join us!!

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