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We love freedom 1, the freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish. Access to the source code is a precondition for this. Boost this post to share this freedom! Read more at

@missiggeek BTW, I agree that ethically Facebook has crossed the line.

@missiggeek I am not a lawyer, but my limited understanding of the law is that even though a law appears on the books, it is not completely defined until tested in court. I could be completely wrong about this.

Surely, Facebook would have to be sued first on this point and lose, for a precedent to be established.

A mere blog post surely can't carry the same force as a judgement in a case.

Please explain how it follows that business using Facebook's services, would have to comply.

@missiggeek can you please provide links to support this?

I need to know!

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I'll just add words twitter and birdsite to my filtering rules. Yes this is a thing on mastodon if you don't know about it, it's very useful.

@thor I have a problem with the idea of justice.

It's an abstract concept which does not describe anything in reality.

We collectively pretend that justice "exists", as some sort of universal principle, like gravity, but in fact, it does not exist.

So, IMHO, the idea that things that happen are just, doesn't make sense.

Things happen, just or otherwise.

We come afterwards and describe them, but that description has no impact on the thing that happened.

@erock I own none of these.
But the ones I do own, run Linux just fine :)

@xchaos@mastodon.sociaHey, I used Arachne!
Wow! That's a trip down memory lane.
Well done!

On Monday 18th, I picked up another castoff PC, which turned out to have a RAM module badly seated. I re-seated all the RAM and it runs as good as gold.

I've installed Slackware64 15.0 on it and spent the time customising it to my taste.

I finally have a machine that can display video at 1080p. It's interesting to see what I've been missing before.

I'm back to studying Lisp now, hoping to understand all the weird ideas at some point. :)

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Computers were "good enough" 5 years ago, and we're still using them for the exact same purposes. So why do we have gigs of software updates every week, and why do our computers get slow and "out-of-date" every 2 years? Where's the extra value from all this added complexity, compared to 5 years ago? Is it purely aesthetic? I'd argue that we're regressing, not progressing. #computing #philosophy

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Colonialism tells Indigenous ppl and black people to “get over it, it happened ages ago” yet we still have sexy pics of white Jesus being killed on a cross and we mourn his death every year by consuming mass amounts of chocolate and not eating meat bc disrespectful. Makes sense

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@vantablack I can see where the meds are an ease. I have to take carbamazapine from time to time and it screws with my brain for about a week, not fun, but it's the only thing that works for me.

@OpenComputeDesign are you over 60?

Happens to me all the time :(

If not, then yeah, get it checked

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Funny people don't want Musk owning Twitter but they don't mind Blackrock and Vanguard being two of the five biggest share holders.

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