Finally got a vim -> REPL via screen environment up and running.

This allows me to type commands in vim and send them to another screen process running a Common Lisp REPL.

Now I can save the contents of a vim buffer to a file while still retaining full interactivity with the REPL.

I'm working through the sample code in "Practical Common Lisp" by Peter Seibel.

It's going good so far.

Wish me luck!

Since we're showing off the fruit from our gardens, here are some limes from one of our lime trees.

@encarsia this is what cocoa looks like after it's been shelled.
Sadly, the picture doesn't convey the intoxicating aroma of the beans.
It's a heady, lush smell that's absorbed into the skin.
Quite sensual.

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@encarsia Thought you'd like to see what cocoa looks like before it is turned into chocolate.

My sisters-in-law make chocolate, drinking cocoa and cocoa-infused dishes in the family restaurant.

An extremely gaudy caterpillar I just found in my garage. Anybody know what kind it is?


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