Well, once more, I am trying to learn Lisp.

This language bothers me.

It bothers me that I don't grok Lisp.

It feels like when I was learning UNIX and C, that feeling of helplessness before an unassailable wall.

It took me years but one day I got to the point where UNIX made sense.

That's how it feels now, me in front of a wall.

The difference now is the internet. All the books I need to learn about Lisp, are now online.

Wish me luck!

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@SethBrown Are you trying to learn CL or some other lisp? Also, you can get free copies of SICP, as well as look through the Racket and Janet docs for some great starters

@architect I am concentrating on Common Lisp, since that is an ANSI standard.

I was surprised to find that my Slackware also has Guile & Scheme already installed, so I may dabble in those dialects as well.

I've started a section in my wiki to keep track of all the books people recommend for learning Lisp.

I must confess that most of the concepts fly right over my head in the same way that pointers and OOP once did.

I'm hoping it will all make sense at some point. :)

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