A lot of it is fear of the unknown.
I installed Linux on the computer at my local credit union about 20 years ago and they've been happily using Linux ever since, on both their desktops & their servers.

Do they actually know anything about Linux? No, they just use it everyday, but they have no technical knowledge of it at all.

It's just another piece of software to them. All they know, is that it's cheaper and really reliable.

And that's how it should be.

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@SethBrown it's a common power user mistake - if they find it confusing then end users will be lost. In reality normal users don't know enough to relearn anything. They open the browser, save files to the desktop and don't care about anything else.

@SethBrown but the best part is... You could change everything if you like. Window 🪟 has toooooo much boundaries

@SethBrown That's terrifying... I mean, a business should know what software they are running. At least to install security patches and such. It's a credit union you say?

@awaspnest Oh, I agree with you. Boy do I ever agree with you.

I personally think it's a terrifying situation. People think Linux is somehow inherently sure.

People are the weakest link.

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