How do I search on Mastodon for text in a toot that I saw this morning?

This week I ripped out a 500Gb hard drive from an old Xbox One, to use it to backup my file server before installing FreeBSD on it.
Now I've learned that installing Postgresql on FreeBSD takes more than a day, going on 2 days, so far.

@encarsia this is what cocoa looks like after it's been shelled.
Sadly, the picture doesn't convey the intoxicating aroma of the beans.
It's a heady, lush smell that's absorbed into the skin.
Quite sensual.

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@encarsia Thought you'd like to see what cocoa looks like before it is turned into chocolate.

My sisters-in-law make chocolate, drinking cocoa and cocoa-infused dishes in the family restaurant.

A lot of it is fear of the unknown.
I installed Linux on the computer at my local credit union about 20 years ago and they've been happily using Linux ever since, on both their desktops & their servers.

Do they actually know anything about Linux? No, they just use it everyday, but they have no technical knowledge of it at all.

It's just another piece of software to them. All they know, is that it's cheaper and really reliable.

And that's how it should be.

An extremely gaudy caterpillar I just found in my garage. Anybody know what kind it is?

The big thing in my neck of the woods is the volcano 🌋 in St Vincent.

Barbados was completely darkened by the ash cloud this afternoon. It looked like midnight.

Really unbelievable the power of the damn thing, the ash cloud is up to the stratosphere, where the winds blow west to east instead of east to west as at sea level. It's really strange to see the ash cloud going east. Counterintuitive.

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Click on a country or territory to see cases, deaths, and recoveries. Camaradas guarde este Link que se actualiza diariamente y pueden observar que paises como esta el #Covid_19

It basically did for LANs what the web did for the internet, make the underlying architecture almost irrelevant.

That's the magic of it, to me.

I know nothing about Wayland, but since it seems to be taking FOREVER just to get traction on Linux, I doubt it's ever going to replace X realistically. I could be wrong but I'm not holding my breath.

I really can't understand this throw-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater attitude programmers seem to have.

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I feel a sense of shame, that I hadn't checked up on him, thinking that he was all right, that "no news is good news".

I live so isolated physically, in a distant valley, up in the country. I'm comfortable like this, it's normal for me.

I didn't realise he was sick. I feel like a bad friend.

How easy it is, to lose track of people. On the net, I don't notice when somebody stops communicating. They just drop out of sight.

I feel broken this morning.

Yesterday I had to call an ambulance for a old friend of mine.

He'd been feeling unwell for a long time and didn't tell anyone.

They've put in one of those hospitals that don't allow visitors.

I'm waiting to hear what's the diagnosis.

This pandemic, it's isolated us from each other.

I can't convey the sense of unease I'm feeling.

Perhaps it might be a useful exercise to use one of those dyslexic fonts when sending him emails and see if he responds more favourably...?

I know it's insane and somewhat elitist. I couldn't believe it myself but this is a real thing.

My boss once told me that people weren't reading my emails because the emails were a wall of text, that I needed to make them less intimidating.

It blew my mind but he was right. I changed how I wrote emails and got a better response.

If you think back on this a bit, this kind of thing has been a real problem for a long time.

With all the focus on Mars recently, anybody working on translating between Earth & Mars calendars yet?

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#COVID__19 Click on a country or territory to see cases, deaths, and recoveries. Camaradas guarde este Link que se actualiza diariamente y pueden observar que paises como esta el Covid_19 EE.UU y Brasil son los paises con mas muerte en Pandemia

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code of ethics > code of conduct

code of conduct is a safeguard for abusers; a diplomatic immunity for hypocrites.

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