Hello world!

We're slowly making progress towards our first product. It's a standard 65% PCB with hotswap sockets. It's powered by the open source software QMK and it features a standard ISO-layout to fit as much people as possible.

Our goal is to make custom keyboards easy and available for everyone.


@iokeyboards I think this will be my very first custom keyboard! Just need to figure out how buy it from Argentina :blobthinkingeyes:

@Drakor I'm glad you're taking interest in it. We'll figure it out! Hopefully shipping won't be too expensive. :)


@iokeyboards @Drakor I would love a custom keyboard. Though how much are you planning to sell the board for?

@Ronald1985 @Drakor I really don't know at this point. My intent is to be as competitive as possible though. But it also depends a lot on what switches and keycaps you choose.

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