My current VPN subscription has just run out, anyone got any recommendations?

I have another distro selection question :blobthinkingeyes:
I just got a second hand Windows tablet and have been distro and DE hoping to find the most minimal setup with GNome or an interface suited for a tablet any suggestions?

Anyone know if there is Linux Server Distro that is the standard for industry, and if so what said distro is?

So one of my HDD failed yesterday, the one that I had within my Thinkpad T400. The Gentoo install on it was appearantly to much. So am using another laptop that is over 10 years old at this point to try distros on. Anyone have a good systemd less distro to recommend? Have tried Slack, Void and Devuan is one that I am using already. Or any recommendations a cheap SSD I guess?

Does anyone use podboat? I am struggling to setup it up, not sure how the configuration file should look?

Does anyone use Digital Ocean? I am probably going to want to VPS servers and may try spreading them across two different companies? Possibly Digital Ocean and OVH unless I find another comany that is cheaper and/or privacy focused?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good, cheap VPS host? For a web server, nextcloud and possibly email server?

Anyone got any tips for installing Gentoo? Reducing the time of installation, have heard it could take a couple of days? :0

I installed Void Linux on my T400, last night. Decided Void over Slackware as I want to try runit and have ran Slackware a while back. Never ran Void. Thinking about try Gentoo in VM tonight.

For anyone curious I think I am going to install Slackware on one of my Thinkpads for now. Have exams soon. In a VM on my PC may try gentoo. Then after exams look at installing it on the T400

Have been on Arch for a while. Am looking for a new minimalist distro? Have been thinking about
Gentoo ( not sure about installing Gentoo, not powerful CPU on my laptop )
Any suggetions or tips?

Does anyone know when dot xpenguin is on? I keeping missing it' :(

What shells do people use?
Just curious.

Currently I am using bash but was using fish before, for anyone who was wondering.

on my main Arch rig recently started to use polybar, not entirely sure about it yet though.

Qutebrowser Vim Ranger cava vtop ncmpcpp pulsemixer mpv neofetch ufetch qutebrowser#


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