@murabito Your PC might be your Valentine. Also nice post for I love free software day.

@librelounge @cwebber @emacsen Ha OK, thanks for commenting, the podcast is neat. There will be other years.

@OTheB @lumi @librelounge Me and OTheB are at the AW building right now. Free to send something if you want to meet up.

@OTheB Searching for parking... Always a problem here.

@OTheB almost there, I don't have ideas, but every building is labeled so we could just pick one.

@lumi @OTheB @librelounge I think that OnTheB ordered the Librem5, but that is so different from regular phones, which is neat.

@lumi @OTheB @librelounge I have one, but I usually leave it at home. It is useful for events and such.

@OTheB @librelounge @lumi

I could just use a mobile Fediverse application to discus where we meet?

Or does anyone have a better idea?

@librelounge @lumi @OTheB and any other people. Let me know something if you want to meet up at FOSDEM.

Definitely would like to see some people. I wasn't that social last year, might be different this year.

@s31bz I have met more people who agree with this.

Also group projects can hold people back. Remember people at college/university are not professionals. Groups can fall apart really quick.

Plus college does not teach everything, only some basics aimed at the popular industry.

Don't get me wrong though. I don't think that the college which I go to is bad.

I just don't believe that the learning system is great for me (and many others). This isn't my only problem with the current teaching system.

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Wow, awesome can't sleep again.

During my exams : ). I always seem to get this the first night when I sleep at my study place.

Another reason why I should never go to college again after I have the degree. Self-learning instead. It seems to go faster and doesn't destroys my health.

@yisraeldov @xahlee It could also just be his instance.

I do agree with Xah that mastodon is far from perfect though. It kinda sucks in many ways.

I do like that the community is smaller, but eh. It has good and bad sides.

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