Line-art style try. I dislike the colors and the fog which I added, but it does look better in my opinion.

I want to do some black and white things, but this black isn't exactly black lol.

It looks like progress though, next style tomorrow 'painting style'.

This worked alright, even though, what I did isn't exactly line-art, but I tried.

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I don't like my lines in digital art. It does not look clean. I am gonna try to do line art over it.

I do want to get a kind realistic look, but not too much either, so I am not sure if I want to go full line-art on this. It was a quick drawing though.

Drawing clean seems easier on actual paper, or it might just be because I am not used to digital art.

It's Deadly Premonitions 10th anniversary, so it was time to show a preview of this fan game.

I did the programming in Godot Engine, @vinegarhannibal (Twitter) made the art and idea.


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