Just a reminder for all sites which use CAPTCHAs.

This one exists and is probably less annoying for your users.

@RMW my biggest annoyance with existing CAPTCHAs is (at least for those delivered in English) they expect you to know the appearance and terminology of American roads and street furniture; these (particularly the designs of pedestrian crossings) are often quite different to those found in the UK...

@vfrmedia I find many stuff annoying about CAPTCHAs. I think that they are often not even needed.

Some of them barely work. I have problems with hCaptcha, which Cloudflare decided to use by default (probably because that one makes you money).

I don't love Cloudflare either, but that is a different topic.

@vfrmedia @RMW I just select anything that is striped. Hoping the AI that chose the photos to challenge me doesn't know any better either...

@GatoOscuro Well, don't thank me, thank the creator of it, gzuidhof on Github.

@RMW It would be nice to do it (as it should be), but I'm only on Gitlab.

@RMW I might do an article on this. I was researching what to write about next and having writer's block tbh

@RMW suppose the forms in browsers/HTTP could have a Proof-of-Work standard so this doesn't necessarily require javascript..

@RMW "Alternatively, do it yourself" challenge accepted!

Thanks for the link, this looks interesting

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