Oh, oops my SSD does not get mounted with the filesystem that I want with systemd-boot apparently.

My SSD shows up as ext4 instead of F2FS. Is there a fix for this? lol...

@RMW I'd check your fstab and make sure everything's correct.

@Lofenyy It isn't, but I believe that sysd boot makes its own fstab on boot...

Is this incorrect?

@RMW From my understanding, EFI starts sysd-boot, which loads the initramfs, which contains a copy of /etc/fstab and mounts that stuff, then runs init.

I'd correct your fstab just in case it makes a difference.

@Lofenyy @izaya oh wut f2fs-tools is not even installed anymore.

@Lofenyy @izaya Yes, I am not sure of I even should risk changing the filesystem again.

I will reboot just to see if that was it lol.

@RMW @izaya Haha honestly, Linux is very hard to screw up beyond repair. You can always mount a file system post boot as well and if you can't boot it, you can always chroot it. In my opinion, it's way easier to diagnose issues that way instead of rebooting over and over.

@Lofenyy @izaya I have everything on different partitions anyways, but I am gonna make a quick backup first.

My backups are very fast anyways, since I don't backup everything.

@Lofenyy @izaya
Will I need to enable secure boot for efistub? Or should just installing that package do enough?

Just reading the wiki atm, before I do anything stupid.

@RMW @Lofenyy you don't need to, pretty sure you don't even need to add a key to sign it with

I just think it's a nice touch to know that your computer can only boot stuff signed by you

@izaya @Lofenyy
So everything I should basically do is:
- remove systemd-boot
- install sbupdate
- set the following in /etc/sbupdate.conf
CMDLINE_DEFAULT="root=LABEL=ROOT rw quiet loglevel=3 rcutree.rcu_idle_gp_delay=1"

@izaya @Lofenyy
# quiet loglevel=3 should avoid text during boot
# i915.fastboot=1 should avoid unnecessary modesetting during boot for intel cards
# nvidia-drm.modeset=1 nvidia fast boot, should be disabled for bumblebee
# intel_iommu=on enable IOMMU for KVMs iommu=pt prevent doing this on devices which don't support this
- run sbupdate

@RMW @Lofenyy sounds about right - not sure if OUT_DIR is relative but if you've looked it up it's probably fine

only one way to find out, though, it's not like computers are deterministic

@izaya @Lofenyy I will backup /boot first. It isn't in my normal backups.

I still need a working PC this evening, to stream some free movies from with readymedia.

@izaya @Lofenyy
Ha yeah you are right I only kept CMDLINE_DEFAULT

Also I don't have keys yet. I am gonna use sbkeys to make them.

@izaya @Lofenyy hmmm sbkeys asks for a common name to put in the keys.

I assume that I can type what I want. It has no manpage or help.

@izaya @Lofenyy something went wrong, restored old boot stuff, I wonder what went wrong though.

It wouldn't boot.

@izaya @Lofenyy Oh I see, I missed the most important step....

efibootmgr needs to be setup. Let's try again.

@izaya @Lofenyy went back to systemd-boot, because that works.

Also I guess that ext4 won't hurt much anyways. It is not like I am running Windows or something lol.

@RMW @izaya Wait. If you're using efibootmgr anyways, then isn't systemd-boot redundant?

With efibootmgr, it goes efi > initramfs > mount > init

That's how I have it set up on my laptop.

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