Message to GNU/Linux users who use Discord.

A client in gtk3 exists now. Building it takes a while, but that will change.

Keep in mind that there are (better) alternatives for Discord out there (IRC, Matrix,...).

Can someone explain to me the appeal of things like discord and slack?

@yisraeldov It is social networking, which is in theory a better form of socializing than social media.

Matrix exists too though. These things focus on messaging instead of media.

It is probably just marketed right. That is why it is popular. Security isn't something which the majority of people thinks about, sadly.

@yisraeldov For me personally. It is the people which use it. It is easy for college discussions.

I obviously prefer it over Facebook or Slack. Slack is harder to setup and Facebook, well it is known as a security nightmare (and let it die already). There are no other options here.

Not everyone is on the Fediverse and that is not in the advantage of the Fediverse.

I have a Twitter for that reason. There are many people which I can't reach otherwise and it is impossible to convince them.

@yisraeldov Matrix is Cloudflared too. So I pretty much see all of these as not the best option, but it is necessary sometimes

@RMW But matrix at least lets you run your own server.

@yisraeldov True, but no one in college uses it so it is not an option for me. A teamproject is in team so nobody is going to follow one random guys opinion unless it makes a huge difference.

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