@librelounge @lumi @OTheB and any other people. Let me know something if you want to meet up at FOSDEM.

Definitely would like to see some people. I wasn't that social last year, might be different this year.

@OTheB @librelounge @lumi

I could just use a mobile Fediverse application to discus where we meet?

Or does anyone have a better idea?

@RMW @librelounge @lumi I don't have a smart phone, so I wouldn't be able to chat unless I'm sat down with my laptop out, but seeing as we're all already on Fedi, assuming there's WiFi at the venue that would make sense as the simplest option.

@OTheB @RMW @librelounge I look up to people without smartphones

you're all heroes tbh

@lumi @OTheB @librelounge I have one, but I usually leave it at home. It is useful for events and such.

@lumi @OTheB @librelounge I think that OnTheB ordered the Librem5, but that is so different from regular phones, which is neat.

@RMW @lumi @librelounge I did indeed, and I'm in Evergreen so hopefully I'll get it sometime between April and June. Too late for fosdem, but it doesn't feel that far off.

Also hoping to see some Purism stuff there as it would be really cool.

@OTheB @lumi @librelounge Me and OTheB are at the AW building right now. Free to send something if you want to meet up.

@librelounge @cwebber @emacsen Ha OK, thanks for commenting, the podcast is neat. There will be other years.

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