I might skip the "Macros: Defining your own" chapter for now.

I don't understand it completely but might in the future.

Macros: Defining your own
Is a pretty hard chapter.

I might want to read some other sources to learn how lisp macros work.

I know that this is a sensitive topic, but I wanted to get it out there anyways. Are internet memes overrated?


I hate not being productive, but I was sick enough to not do anything.

I have many college stuff that I should do now. I still need free time so I might write an article for my website when I find the time.

I took a little break from learning Common Lisp.

I am not sure if I will continue during the next two weeks, but I definitely will try to finish the book.

Trying to use your time as effectively as you can is harder than it sounds. I think that you will benefit from it so I still try to do that.

I followed some blender tutorials in my free time since I needed a break from Common Lisp for a while. Trying to keep up with college also takes much of my time.

I am moving to Devuan.

The "Operating systems and distros" section explains why.


I just added a drugs section for people who want to know more about the drugs which I use.

(fun fact: I use some drugs which you probably use as well)

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Common Lisp is pretty cool.
Just finished chapter 3 from the "Practical Common Lisp" book.

The code is pretty short for a database with select, update, insert and delete support.

It really gives me even more motivation to learn Common Lisp.

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For the ones interested in Common Lisp or in the browser engine. I will do a chapter of the free book “Practical Common Lisp” a week starting today.

You can contact me by the contact info on my site and you can find me on the lainchan programming channel (when I am online).

Posted an new article about the browser engine which I want to make. I will start learning SBCL next week. :ie: :gitlab:


This a project idea.

I think that we need more browser engines. It is still just an idea but I want to try it. (Not alone of course)

My article about @fosdem is on my website.

I am not sure if I gave the FOSDEM image the right copyright notice so it would be nice if someone takes a look at that.


Day one of FOSDEM was great, check my other account(@rmw) for more information.

An article about this might follow up after the FOSDEM event.
(On my website)

Just made a section about the GNU/Linux or whatever you call it naming issue.

I am ready for some strong, opinionated comments.


I just really wanted to share this.

I honestly think that the amount of tracking that happens is insane. Not only on phones.

I am not saying that all of it is true but it could be.


I might be less or not active during the next two weeks. The reason for this is that my finals are coming.

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Today, exactly one year ago, I created my account here on LinuxRocks.Online after the GNU Social server I was using at the time was going to shut down.

Even though both are part of the fediverse, I would have never found so many fun and interesting people if I hadn't joined Mastodon.

A big thanks to all of you for making the Internet a better place! :)


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..