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I decided to not remove this account, but it might become inactive.

@RobinWils is my main nowadays. I don't mind keeping an inactive account.

I decided to not remove this account, but it might become inactive.

@RobinWils is my main nowadays. I don't mind keeping an inactive account.

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Which dog would you be? Explain why.


I am likely moving to @RobinWils

I will currently keep this account, but I don't know how active it will be.

Don't get me wrong though. I will likely make a video about Linux too when I start to do video stuff.

I just really want to get back into videos. It has been too long. Plus I have enough website stuff to convert into videos.

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I fixed that my fan in Windows 10 kept blowing.

I thought that a page file was not needed if you have a SSD, turns out that a page file helps tons.

I actually might stick on Windows for a long way. Might make a video about which tools I use some day.

Honestly, I quiet happy with Windows right now. I never thought that I could be.

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Huge Microsoft leak just happened.

- Some Windows 10 source from Microsoft's shared source initiative
- Windows XP/Server 2003 source
- Xbox Live Source (dated 2009)
- Several versions of Windows Embedded
- A lot of Windows CE stuff
- NT 3.5 and 4 source
- MS DOS 6.0 source
- MS DOS 3.30 OEM adaption kit source
- Windows Research Kernel source
- A 30GB+ archive of all of Microsoft's patents

I am still on Windows.

Honestly, it seems more doable than I thought. You have to know how to get rid of some stuff though.

Sure, I might hop back to Linux, but I have to give this chance. Learn a bit of everything. Look at both sides.

I will likely stay on Windows a while, because my GPU drivers aren't great on Linux.

@Tutanota Ok, I can reach it through Tor, so that could be a possible solution for people who have problems.

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Does anyone know how long @Tutanota will be down?

I need to export some mails as soon as possible.

Oh God. I realise that I have been using the singleton pattern in Godot.

This is not good.

The reason for this are the posts about COVID that I see online.

People want to put the blame on something.

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There is no need to blame a whole population for COVID.

It does not really matter where COVID came from.


Solve it first. People can't choose to live in the place which might have made it.

I think that it is made in a lab, but it doesn't matter.


Watch Men Behind The Sun and think again if you think that war or viruses are fun. It is not fun.

I wanted to see the world burn too before. Until I knew what that meant.

I saw Men Behind The Sun and wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Oh yay. I feel useless and pretty unhappy again.

Ah well. It is like that sometimes.

Does anyone know why gitlab is currently down? I haven't found the reason yet.

Changed the categories on my website and removed some articles.

Might get a custom domain soon.

Ok, my windows setup stuff is on my site now.

I haven't bothered describing the steps, because setting up windows would require too much text.

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