pxlfd.me always appears to be down when I want to check it. I might want to move.

This is a one in a lifetime chance.

Mikal kHill's music is pay what you want until 3am EST.


Besides that, I believe that @xahlee had problems with it on MacOS.

I can switch back to my old browser if I experience problems.

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I am trying out brave.

It is pretty ok, but it lacks configuration options.

I don't trust it, but free crypto is free crypto. Besides that I don't trust any web-browsers.

I believe that you only can withdraw through the uphold platform. I don't like that.

You can get it here: brave.com/pox303

I might give NixOs a try when I get a new SSD.

Feel free to post your configuration.

Message to GNU/Linux users who use Discord.

A client in gtk3 exists now. Building it takes a while, but that will change.

Keep in mind that there are (better) alternatives for Discord out there (IRC, Matrix,...).


It's Deadly Premonitions 10th anniversary, so it was time to show a preview of this fan game.

I did the programming in Godot Engine, @vinegarhannibal (Twitter) made the art and idea.

@librelounge @lumi @OTheB and any other people. Let me know something if you want to meet up at FOSDEM.

Definitely would like to see some people. I wasn't that social last year, might be different this year.

My website now has a search.

Probably the only page which will contain some JavaScript on my website.

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