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This has to be the most funny spam mail that I have had. It is on my old email account which I don't use.

I should delete the account, since there is probably nothing linked to it (already checked my password database, everything seems moved or deleted).

I obviously joined them.
#illuminati #spam

I might make the icons orange, since I want to be clear that I don't use or want to support those platforms.

There is something that bothers me about it.

I added the first version of my social media buttons on my "lifestyle" page.

Let me know what you think. I have the feeling that something is missing.

I decided that I won't make proprietary social media to spread my content.

Adding sharing buttons for those networks is probably better (but not the buttons which those networks provide, since they track users).

ActivityPub is such a weird protocol. I can see deleted posts of my other instance on this instance. My own deleted posts are also back.

I think that the admins restored a backup, many of my notifications are also gone.

Why I decided to remove my Matrix account and Matrix supporting text from my website

- I couldn't find any server which did not use Cloudflare or other things which don't respect your privacy like reCAPTCHA

- Even the main instance uses Cloudflare. New users will probably just use the main instance for convenience.

I recommend to avoid Matrix for those reasons. I don't see Matrix as something which respects your privacy if they use Cloudflare.

I just came back from a unofficial free software local meetup group in Belgium.

We still have some work to do if we want to make it official.

Thanks to for adding my mail to the FSFE mailing list.

Thanks to everyone including who attended this first unofficial meetup.

I know that this is a sensitive topic, but I wanted to get it out there anyways. Are internet memes overrated?

I took a little break from learning Common Lisp.

I am not sure if I will continue during the next two weeks, but I definitely will try to finish the book.

Trying to use your time as effectively as you can is harder than it sounds. I think that you will benefit from it so I still try to do that.

I followed some blender tutorials in my free time since I needed a break from Common Lisp for a while. Trying to keep up with college also takes much of my time.

I am moving to Devuan.

The "Operating systems and distros" section explains why.

I just added a drugs section for people who want to know more about the drugs which I use.
(fun fact: I use some drugs which you probably use as well)

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Common Lisp is pretty cool.
Just finished chapter 3 from the "Practical Common Lisp" book.

The code is pretty short for a database with select, update, insert and delete support.

It really gives me even more motivation to learn Common Lisp.

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