You remeber Biden saying we were going to dip into the U.S. Strategic oil reserve to lower prices?
Turns out, we did dip into, and then secretly sent it to Europe and Asia.
Watching the Grayzone podcast on @podverse indexed into Podcasting 2.0 from the LBRY protocol.
Censor that, bigtech oligarchs.

The most based governor, Ron DeSantis, explains how his legislation to ban Critical Race Theory in classrooms across Florida has officially become law.

The law provides parents with recourse if school districts violate state standards.

Take a look at some of the riot arrestees from the BLM direct action in Akron, Ohio late on July 3. The violent riot was organized in response to the video release of black masked gunman Jayland Walker being shot dead by police.

I found a new Matrix cleint that interests me. It's called "Cinny". What is awesome about it is that they have a port for Ubuntu Touch. It isn't made by the main dev team but by a man named Nitan Alexandru Marcel. The project home page is here:

They accept donations through various means such as their Open Collective.

Nitan Alexandrian Marcel accepts donations through Paypal and Github. I suggest if you're an Ubuntu Touch user who is benefiting from Cinny to try to support him and other Ubuntu Touch developers when possible.

#cinny #matrix #ubuntutouch #linux #foss

Liz Cheney raised an average of 1.97 million dollars for each of her campaigns between the years 2014-2020.

In 2022, however, she raised 10.12 million as of her last report.

This campaign, she has raised FIVE TIMES the amount she usually raises.

Where is all this new money coming from?


You don't need to be a techy person to create your own Fediverse server.

There's an option called Managed Hosting where you pay a monthly fee and a hosting company does the techy stuff on your behalf. You own and run your server through the normal Fediverse browser interface, while behind the scenes the company does all the installation and upgrades.

I've done a step-by-step guide to creating a Fedi server through managed hosting here. It's written for creating a Mastodon server, but most of it applies to any kind of Fediverse server:

I've also done a list of managed hosting services for many kinds of Fediverse servers:

#MastoTips #Mastodon #Fediverse #FediTips #SelfHosting

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