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lol there's a bot in that reminds everyone that torrents are ready for f33 beta and requesting that people seed it. Sorry, I would, but I can't.

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transmission-qt segfault on fedora 33 beta. Guess I won't be adding any torrents tonight.

lmao I've been sort of ignoring Nintendo's re-release of sunshine, but every single little nugget of info I hear about it is just so god damn sad. They never should have released it in this state. Their DSP emulation apparently fails on Il Piantissimo race start and debug cubes are visible in Bianco 6

hey I just released my Super Mario Bros. 2 romhack.

I also submitted it to but I have to wait for it to be accepted there.
streaming mario 2 romhack testing
watch me die on WORLD 8 over and over again

I'm not really in the market for a new laptop yet but I'm really concerned that no manufacturer seems to be filling my niche. I would want an iGPU laptop with a large battery.

I've been making several small fixes on my romhack for the past week as I've found the time to test it. Unless I decide to design levels for World A, it's basically complete.

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