If someone designed a more elaborate one that's based on the original, I would kind of want to own one.

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Somehow nostalgia goggles made me think Mario's aloha-shirt from Super Mario Sunshine was more intricate, but it's literally just a solid blue color with shine sprites on it.

how the hell does one get ibus to work on wayland with native wayland apps? I'm running plasma-wayland. Currently on freenode has only 17 people and they've all been idling for at least an hour since I entered.

My boss left an N64 out in the rain for a week and thought to give it to me instead of throwing it away. Hopefully I can get it to work.

please never have a binding in your game that is the Super (Windows) key, this can cause misbehaviour because there are many different configurations that do different things for that button

looking at you, ARMA

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