@mmstick hey I'm gonna bitch at you now because you're the one System76 person I found on fedi

why's the battery in the new lemur pro only 73 Wh?

Interesting differences in the colors here. I wonder what their intention is? Which is closer to what was originally filmed?

I just spent 15 minutes playing a porn famicom game with my friends.

hey look the first pass on this stupid video encode just finished

a little blender render I just finished working on for a FFZ Twitch emote

In case anyone wants to know what a PC speaker hooked up to a TI-84 Plus SE looks like

so I haven't done any work on that SMW hack but I've been messing around with godot engine. here's a couple sprites I drew.

so I was playing zelda II yesterday and I accidentally tilted the cartridge

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