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The parent company of my employer changed their online system so now I have no way of viewing my schedule. Absolutely no warning about it. What the fuck.

mfw I accidentally blow myself up in HL2 by carrying an oil drum too quickly into a wall

Are there any alternatives to the LBRY-desktop app? I don't really care as long as it's not electron.

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is cool and all, but the LBRY-desktop client is fucking garbage and should not default to auto-play. Very frequently the app breaks and reverts itself to default setting. Then it will auto-play from a video I just finished watching even after navigating somewhere else. It also uses a shit ton of memory for no good reason because it's a fucking electron app.

I just realized somebody else has beat me to releasing a new Super Mario Bros. 2 romhack almost a month ago. So I think I'll play that on stream in a few hours.

In today's mainstream media round of alarmist FUD

The bubonic plague is back apparently even though the WHO reports anywhere from 1000 to 2000 cases every year and it doesn't become a big thing.

Two cases in Colorado in 2015 and it didn't become a big thing.

But because this is 2020 and is a thing the media use it as an excuse to spread more fear with alarmist headlines

if mastodon has a thing so you can mark an account as a bot how come there's no option to just mute or block all accounts marked as a bot? there may be some reason for this but I'm gonna just complain onto the ether

hey I wonder when the last time I posted the up to date version of my indev mario 2 romhack on here was

Remember the timeless classic "Epstein didn't kill himself"? Get ready for the exciting new sequel, "Ghislaine didn't die of COVID"

hallelujah, jGreatEd has been released under GPLv2

Now we just need someone to port it to a multiplatform UI toolkit

All the nonsense outrage about tracking in incognito mode when even the slightest bit of research tells you exactly what incognito mode is and how it was never designed to stop web tracking.

It was designed to hide your porn history from your spouse, not your Web activity from Google

where can I find people who know how to mess with gmod lua? I need to swap out the weapons that enemy NPCs drop on death.

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