Today I played clarinet on ポピー横丁 for a gang of microwaves.

If someone designed a more elaborate one that's based on the original, I would kind of want to own one.

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Somehow nostalgia goggles made me think Mario's aloha-shirt from Super Mario Sunshine was more intricate, but it's literally just a solid blue color with shine sprites on it.

how the hell does one get ibus to work on wayland with native wayland apps? I'm running plasma-wayland. Currently on freenode has only 17 people and they've all been idling for at least an hour since I entered.

My boss left an N64 out in the rain for a week and thought to give it to me instead of throwing it away. Hopefully I can get it to work.

A friend asked me to help her with an ebook she had purchased from which she could not copy any text. It was protected by DRM. It seems that printing it to another PDF file from Okular can do the trick. Don't ever do that, as it is illegal. I did not try to do it, of course. As well as I did not try to convert it to PS and then back to PDF, because it had never worked for me before with other kinds of restrictions. This is knowledge you should never acquire nor share with your followers.

I reckon everything would be pretty chill if it weren't for COVID. No mail in ballots, and if Biden still managed to win then it might not have looked so strange.

>people getting all panicked over a single Internet exchange getting the facade torn off of it

folks, the internet was, from its infancy over 60 years ago, designed to be able to withstand nuclear strikes so that military leaders could still have access to pornography.

the internet will be fucking fine. if large amounts of AT&T's network shit the bed because of this, that sounds like AT&T's problem.

another junk email from purism that isn't about when my personal phone will ship- just that they're shipping them now. I still haven't gotten asked about what modem I want in mine.

I haven't checked the blog in a little while. Daddy is bringing out the real deal batteries.

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