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My Super Mario World hack is still missing some key stuff, and only has about half of the levels I intend to be in the release, but it is quite playable. Try it out:

man those 1st party wireless Famicom controllers for switch look pretty sexy. but $200 from the ebay scalpers. ehh.

I just got gift subbed again in a Twitch stream I wasn't even watching. I had my irc client parked there, so I got picked.

conclusion: are an easy way to piss off people and bots alike

just wrecked my nook color with a screwdriver by accident. now all I have is a nook 1st edition that doesn't boot.

mfw I look into how to root my ancient reading tablets after pulling them out of storage and all the links on the forum posts are dead

I bought another thinkpad for some reason. This time it's the one I originally meant to buy. Photo will come when it arrives.

well done to Cesar for being completely incompetent at making bombs

you saved the families of the corporate democrats lots of funeral money

oh hey sargon's starship troopers video is starting now

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so I was playing zelda II yesterday and I accidentally tilted the cartridge

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