I reckon everything would be pretty chill if it weren't for COVID. No mail in ballots, and if Biden still managed to win then it might not have looked so strange.

>people getting all panicked over a single Internet exchange getting the facade torn off of it

folks, the internet was, from its infancy over 60 years ago, designed to be able to withstand nuclear strikes so that military leaders could still have access to pornography.

the internet will be fucking fine. if large amounts of AT&T's network shit the bed because of this, that sounds like AT&T's problem.

another junk email from purism that isn't about when my personal phone will ship- just that they're shipping them now. I still haven't gotten asked about what modem I want in mine.

I haven't checked the puri.sm blog in a little while. Daddy is bringing out the real deal batteries. puri.sm/posts/librem-5-4500mah

I had a good time playing clarinet over voice chat in csgo casual tonight.

I've literally sent git patches over IRC to avoid using github

lol there's a bot in that reminds everyone that torrents are ready for f33 beta and requesting that people seed it. Sorry, I would, but I can't.

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transmission-qt segfault on fedora 33 beta. Guess I won't be adding any torrents tonight.

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