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All the nonsense outrage about tracking in incognito mode when even the slightest bit of research tells you exactly what incognito mode is and how it was never designed to stop web tracking.

It was designed to hide your porn history from your spouse, not your Web activity from Google

where can I find people who know how to mess with gmod lua? I need to swap out the weapons that enemy NPCs drop on death.

the Game Notes app is too slow because it asks for confirmation when I want to clear the drawing space.

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what's the fastest software I can use on 3DS for writing shit on the touch screen and then clearing it? I wanted to use pictochat through TWiLight but I don't have a ROM for it.

I think I'm going to wait for this thunder and lightning storm to end before I stream tonight. It's shaking my house.

I initially thought it was an issue with my romhack and it took me several days of despair wondering why it wasn't working until I tried running it by loading it from my FDS Stick.

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I don't remember if I posted an update about this already but a few days ago I discovered an issue with the Everdrive N8 running my romhack that doesn't occur on the official FDS RAM adapter

hey can the dude who maintains the LBRY flatpak please FUCKING UPDATE ALREADY AHARSPrsadatars

It seems like the SMB2J romhack I'm working on has exposed a bug with the original Everdrive N8's FDS emulation. It works perfectly fine if I run it on the real FDS cart with the FDS Stick.

I've got a Garry's Mod server up, playing Half-Life 2 campaign.

YouTube's premiere countdown music always hurts my ears.

Can someone recommended a squirt gun that doesn't leak, shoots a fair distance on a single depression of a trigger, and is relatively small to fit on a bedside table? I'm looking all over for a suitable cat discipliner and it seems like all the suitable sizes have no range or leak like a sieve.

What are people with 3D printers even doing with their lives if they're not 3d printing water guns?

:( my famicom disk system has these 2 stripped screws that's preventing me from taking the drive mechanism out. I need some proper tools for this, and some replacement screws for afterwards.

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