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I think this whole Richard Stallman thing violates freedom of speech. I'm not defending what he said. I'm also not saying other people should say offensive things, I'm merely saying it's their right to do so. Just as it is the right of every one else who says at least as bad of stuff back. Any law that makes what he says illegal, makes much of what people that are against him say illegal.

how to stop calls

I've uploaded 938472 PC-formatted 3.5" HD floppy disks worth of touhou music

the power went out earlier and miraculously most of the encodes I had running were already done (except for the av1 ones, which I'm just going to throw out and give up on)

help me I can't not hear Eduard Khil's voice when I listen to Double Dash's Rainbow Road music

if you've been wondering what they've been uploading to the new and very controversial "Italian" category recently added to pornhub, wonder no longer, my friends:

aom-av1 takes ages though, that one's gonna be a few more days I bet.

RIP wasted CPU time because I didn't ffmpeg correctly. oh well, it'll probably be done by the time I get off work tomorrow.

The SSD I bought a year and a half ago was ~$35 more expensive than drives now that are twice the capacity.

Louis Rossmann is live scouting out locations for a new location for his store. The stream just dropped out because he was calling for a location that's right across the street from the Apple store.

wow this audio that I extracted from a video went from 176MiB aac to 84.9 MiB opus

hey are there any wizards around? I've got a bunch of arbitrary timestamps where I want to split this video up at so I can encode them each individually

why does #ArsTechnica think that I want them overriding scrolling behaviour with JS?

hey #web peeps


don't ever do this

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