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sftp seems to be incapable of loading paths like /directory/.hiddendir/directory for some reason

it's so warm this week that the coyotes behind my house are out howling

Hmm, I first thought about building a web-app for the story dataset that I got

but what if I just go for...a static site without any JS? 🤔

I wish all the people who lost their jobs at CollegeHumor find success in learning to code

eh fuck streaming today. I forgot how annoying it was to try to convince obs and icecast to work.

I think I'm gonna pick a random super mario bros. romhack to stream

(I fully maintain that if it doesn't have an RSS feed you can put into any app, it's not actually a podcast, but I've lost that one culturally, I think)

Does anyone know of a place where there are knowledgeable people who might tolerate walking me through configuring matrix-synapse and a nginx reverse proxy for it?

I've been struggling to get matrix-synapse to work on my home server. I have no idea if it's an issue with my nginx configuration, selinux, firewalld, or something entirely different. I get a 502 when I try to visit it through a browser, so I'm guessing it's nginx.

I want to listen to a song with some cool tremolo strings

I'm gonna go beat my friends with this 1 yard long box of Snickers bars that I got for christmas

celebrated too early. it still doesn't work. I just spend like 3 hours messing with that shit with no luck so I'm going to bed.

seems like the icecast stream isn't working too well. If anyone can get it to load, it's still broadcasting, but I'm just gonna stream to Twitch at the same time.

I'm gonna stream Super Mario Bros. 2 in a little while at
It's a matroska, so you're gonna have to open it in your own player such as vlc or mpv.

I wish there was a full featured nsf player for the everdrive n8 but alas I can only play certain 2A03 songs and SN76489 songs converted to 2A03+VRC6.

It's still broadcasting on but it's just playing music from my famicom.

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