I used to get in more fights with SCO than I did my girlfriend, but now, thanks to Linux, she has more than happily accepted her place back at number one antagonist in my life. -- Jason Stiefel

After like 6 months I remembered this place! Glad to be back

So, my Christian University put a hold on my account because I am short 10 chapels. 5 chapel makeup papers and 4 hours later, I am halfway done. Going to do the rest tomorrow.
As a Christian, I love going to a Christian University, but chapel is not my favorite part. Can't wait until I get exemption as a graduating senior next year.

So, I passed my CompTIA A+ exam! All I need now is to pass the 902, and I can finally leave retail

So, the Raspberry Pi 4 came out and I never heard about it until last night. I seriously want one now

Finally got around to building my cloud server. Had to leave home for a bit, thus why it took a week for me to get back to it

Just spent the last 2 hours setting up and troubleshooting a nextcloud server on my Raspberry Pi...only to accidentally misspell the password while creating it, thus locking me out of it entirely. Doesn't have you type it in a second time to verify the password. Learning new things is tough...even tougher when you make stupid mistakes like this. Learning new things is hard...will try again from scratch tomorrow.

does anyone know if the new comptia linux cert is worth it? the old one was supposedly brain dead easy, but I hear that they revamped it

SECURITY TIP: to prevent your card from being used fraudulently, only remember your PIN until after you have already paid with loose change and left the shop entirely

Edgar Allan Poe: this story's about a guy with a tortured soul

EAP's friend: again, huh

Poe: he thinks he sees a harbinger of evil, a demon sent to curse him for his wickedness!

EAP's friend: ...is it real

Poe: turns out it's a shadow or a stray dog or like, a spooky looking hat

EAP's friend: does it drive him ma--

Poe: it drives him mad

@PMMEYOURSEXYPOEMS my favorite so far has been MATE. I always liked how Gnome 2 looked over Gnome 3, and MATE keeps gnome 2 while maintaining compatibility with gnome 3

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so what is everyone's favorite desktop interface? There are so many options out there

So I have been trying out the MATE desktop. Not gonna lie, I have really fallen in love with it! I think it is a keeper

So I am in my senior year of college, going into IT. For some reason a bunch of different colleges started emailing me asking me to get my bachelors there. Having not signed up for any of these emails, I genuinely wonder why they are contacting me about joining them

I just discovered the absolute best terminal commands ever to grace Linux...
fortune | cowsay | lolcat

It does this:

Just got done watching Endgame. Movie was awesome, but would have been better if the people in the back would have just stopped talking and/or screaming every time something mildly cool happened.

So, I have been using Kubuntu for 6 months now. I like it, but I am REALLY tired of it cascading every time my mouse heads to the top left of my screen. Thinking on switching to something different


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