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In my defense, this board looks really cool (albeit, kinda slow)

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TFW you wanna start a new project, but you literally have more ongoing projects than projects you've ever actually completed in your life

Rather high on the list of things that bother me way too much: Search boxes that don't auto clear even after you've left the search results page (e.g. the search box on youtube)

I'll never stop posting these (unless someone implies that I'm committing a faux pas, then I'll stop)

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Also, am I the only one that spent a significant portion of the movie thinking "my gosh, can you imagine how much a 'roundie' that big must weigh???"

('roundie' as in a round CRT screen)

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I just watched 1984... So, uh... That was all depressingly familiar...

Just picked up a CentreCOM 3012SL Multiport Repeater at a thriftstore for $5!

Gotta love old hardware

It's time for an announcement. I am one of the co-developers of the Yggdrasil screen reader project, which aims to improve Linux accessibility, one step at a time. And, since I'm sure a fair few of you are now trying to figure out how to pronounce Yggdrasil ... we're changing its name. Your help would be greatly appreciated in helping us decide the new name, so join the discussion!

Crap DRM software has kept some windows software from working on linux. Now, thanks to intel, crap DRM software keeps some windows software from working on windows...

*world's smallest violin starts playing*

My family is having someone over for the first time since the whole covid thing started... My heart rate is literally 20bpm above my normal :/

I might be less frustrated f it wasn't for the fact that this is my third android phone this year. I don't even use it as a phone. No one has this number. I just need it to run the proprietary app for a camera system (the very same one that crashes every weekend)

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And now it's decided to be shrodinger's phone, and both be permanently calling, and not calling the voicemail server... I truly despise android.

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