It's official. It's dead. I replaced the power button, power button cable, and the traces on the power button board. The computer now permanently thinks the power button is always being continuously pressed. I've completely removed everything I've replaced, and even with the power button completely disconnected, it still thinks the power button is continuously pressed.

I have no words. Words, like everything, have failed me. I just can't freaking grd grrgrdg frgggdffffk

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@atlas_core And yet schools are in the worst shape they've ever been in. No one is ever home to take care of their kids. No one listens to kids. You aren't supposed to take care of babies when they cry. Etc etc...

I'm pretty sure our society actually hates kids. There is no bigger lie than "it's for the children"

...Not that this is a subject I spend much time thinking/crying/beating my head against my desk about

@cameron Yeah, I've got a whole collection, but I just sync one, and use IrDA from that one to all my others

(side note, IrDA "beaming" is so cool and genuinely handy (not to mention shockingly universal) I seriously wish it was still a thing)

@cameron Good luck! I seem to remember a fair amount of trial and error.

I've got a computer that just from sitting unpowered stopped turning on. At first, it turned out the flatflex cable to the power button broke. I replaced it, and then it turned out the button it's self also broke. After replacing that, it also turned out the trace on the little PCB that connects the power button and flat flex connector ALSO BROKE

I genuinely cannot fathom right now how anything on earth is actually working. It just seems so improbable that anything we've built can actually work

@cameron *remembering* I believe you have to first install a user, then go into settings and make sure you've got the correct port selected, then it should work ever after IIRC

@Linux_in_a_Bit I have been attacked by chickens and geese so much, I just can't even.

This is the world's biggest mood

Concept: Electronics that (other than the transistors in the chips and pixels in the LCDs) are built on a human scale, with all standard interfaces and pinouts.

Probably offensive and deffinitely bazaar health "idea" 

Make toothpaste fast food flavored, that way, when people go to eat fast food, they'll be like "ewww, tastes like toothpaste", and everyone will be so much healthier.

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Non tech related pet peeve: When people say mint flavoring "tastes like toothpaste"

Basically, I'm trying to create a device that plugs in via USB, and shows up as a network share. I figure I can either get a single board computer, get a USB Ethernet adapter, and plug the ethernet side to the SBC, and the USB side to my computer; Or get a USB "slave" capable SBC, And screw around in software trying to emulate the first solution in software...

Ok, perhaps neither solution is _that_ elegant.

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The eternal question:
Should I do things the easy but inelegant way, or the very hard but much "nicer" way...

A flatflex cable, in side an unpowered stationary device, broke, invisibly, within 24 hours. _EVIL_

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Flatflex cables are pure evil. Imagine you've got a strip of scotch tape, and if it gets damaged, your device stops working. Evil.

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