Microsoft better hope they stop at windows 11; There's nothing left to remove from the logo for windows 12 :P

The backlight in my main monitor died today, so I pulled out the 16:9 22in monitor that I turned on it's side. The results are... interesting...
It's good for lists, text, that type of thing, but is _awful_ for multimedia, and games don't really know what to do with it.

Trouble shooting a totally different computer (HP Compaq TC1100). I think that's enough trouble shooting today

I just finished replacing the blue leds in my Sansa e250 with green leds salvaged from battery packs. They are soooooo tiny! It was super hard, and took about an hour and a half. I warped the scroll down a tiny bit, but everything still works! This worked out better than I expected to be honest! I forgot to take a before picture, but I have some during and after. Next step, install rock box!

I fixed my dad's phone.
The backlight voltage rail wasn't working, so I ran some wires down to the Keyboard backlight. Since the keyboard would light up at the same time as the screen anyway, there seems to be no loss in function.

Accidentally dropped my Dell Latitude XT2 screen first onto a pile of keyboards

I installed rockbox on my SanDisk Sansa clip. It's really cool! I've bought a Sansa e250 to install it on as well!

Well, I've found out what happens if you try and work with to big of an image in GIMP

Awesome project idea:
I've got a dead Nokia n96 I can steal the case from, which should be large enough to fit a pine64 sopine compute module, and a custom baseboard for ports, buttons, etc. Therefore I could theoretically build a semi pinephone compatible device in the formfactor of the old Nokia dual-slider phones!

Going through a backup of my first mp3 player. Ah the familiar sight of CDs ripped using windows media player... Why did they think this is how people wanted their music arrenged?

It's been a while since I'v talked about my game. I've been working on the more artistic side of it. I've created a first draft of a universal conversation tree available to the player. I've attached a screen shot for those interested. I appologise for the primitive formatting, I wrote it on a Palm Vx

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