Tip for really cold weather:
Put on a pair of cheap rubber surgical gloves. Even if you wear other gloves over them, snow gloves get wet, or sometimes you have to take them off, and rubber gloves help keep your hands dry, take the bite off frigid air, and keep your skin from freezing to things.

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I'd advice against using impermiable clothing next to the skin such as plastics if you'r going to be out for an extended period in the cold,
rather use something breathable such as a nitted or "long john" like material which fits snuggly and forms to your skin,
as an outer use something that won't get as easily soaked like a final layer.
personally i use mostly work (finger) gloves.

With impermiables you'll swet more easily and eventually you'll chill down rapidly.

@Unairedspecifics Sound point, but my hands never get warm enough to sweat when it's cold, and I work with a lot of machines in the cold where high dexterity is required, but skin freezing to steel is common

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