All in all, I'm glad I attended. Good chatting to the organisers and speakers during the downtime. Helped to really put the successes of the organisation into perspective and the remarkable stuff achieved.

(and my birdsite-esque stream of toots will now cease again)

Turning online advertising inside out w/ Daniel Winterstein & Michael Veale. Interesting sort-of-debate between the two viewpoints. Questions from the audience were a particular highlight.

Data & Democracy - who do they think you are w/ Michael Veale & Pascal Crowe. An enlightening insight into what data UK parties store and infer from you. I think I just levelled up my Tinfoil hat skill.

Digital ID in Scotland w/ Aggelos Kiayias, Lesley Allen, Robert Clubb & Heather Burns. Topics discussing streamlining data access, trust, Brexit, interaction between Scotland's Devolved government, Estonia and how to encourage ID system innovation.

Patrick Harvie, Co-leader just keynoted. Enjoyed it much more than I thought it would. Still dislike most of your domestic policies though.

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if apps collected personal data to "improve their service", services would be good by now

*Gets a notification from Google Opinion Rewards*. Oh yeah, you were a thing.

Account deleted and app removed. At least this app was a bit more honest and reimbursed you for your data.

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Ever thought about how ironic it is that people can take a single statistics exam about representational analysis?

(2 of 2)
9 continued) Plenty of alternatives to these. It's a "getting others to move onto something else" challenge.
10) Stop using Google Fonts on all personal sites, and find replacements on professional ones
11) Wind down any Google+ remnants that may still exist.
12) Revisit the list of owned products and repeat

(1 of 2) By my current reckoning, I still have the following outstanding:
1) Android -> (switch to LineageOS)
2) Any lingering Feedly google integration
3) Find an alternative to Kaggle
4) Stop using Google Books and export anything I can from it
5) Find Android pay replacement (I think this is going to be a tough one)
6) Picasa
7) Youtube
8) Google Analytics replacement (openwebanalytics or matomo [thanks y'all for your recommendations])
9) Google Talk/Hangouts replacement

seems to be doing the trick - which is nice. I've found Nextcloud to be quite slow.

Mind you I've been self-hosting it on an older server under my desk, unthinkingly plugged into my network. I might have to buy a rack mounted server with RAID to do it properly before I enivitably end up relying on it.

I have ended up getting side-tracked though. I did only look into it as a google calendar replacement.

Whilst trialing out - thinking about the next thing to de-Google.

Right now, I'm thinking that I should look into removing Google Analytics from mine (and a select few) client web-sites. Anyone have any particular recommendations? My current #1 contender is Open Web Analytics (

It's kind of sickening how many people assume that the "Rockstar Programmer" archetype is has somehow become the norm.

Don't get me wrong, I'm competent enough and have been known to pull a rabbit of the hat on occassion - but expecting this to be the norm at all times is maddening.

"What do you mean that the software doesn't have 6 programmers worth of work coded, while I've been pulling you into endless meetings so we no longer effectively have a single full-time developer?

Looks like that's not a persisting link - the chiptune stream is operated by Krelez ( Look in the channel listings for "Chiptune Radio".

There's two kinds of people in this world. Ones that talk about changing the font on the website, and the others that have that dead, hollow look in their eyes having gone through the process before.

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@OldTinfoil @hund @Katsudon Just to interject: Its super easy to setup with snap or docker, too!

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