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Day 63 (-1): Yesterday, I caved and downloaded (quantum). Although it's not , some of the other browsers didn't have all the functionality I needed to do my work.

If it had better password manager integration, would have been top of my list.

Slow progress is progress, right?

(image borrowed from: tapuz.co.il/blogs/userblog/MAX)

Day 63: Finally purchased a Protonmail account purchased and finally migrated my primary work email across.

It's a pity that one can't set up more e-mail forwarders on an account - means I couldn't wholeheartedly recommend it to clients.

I'm content just now - waiting for mobile conversation view to grace my prescence :)

Nice. A simple page to determine what sort of information your browser is leaking to every site that you visit: webkay.robinlinus.com/

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PSA: Stop labelling people interested in OPSEC and privacy as "paranoid". Paranoia is a mental illness, heavily influenced by fear, that makes someone believe they're under constant threat even when there is no evidence for thinking so.

Being careful about your online identity, privacy, taking care of your passwords, and using second factor authentication is not paranoia. It's common sense.

There are malicious actors who want to get their hands on as much information as possible. This is fact.

That moment when you realise that you're being force to switch a project to run on Linux. Oh noes.

As much as I rate SO - Meta really grates on the soul. There's a reason why I try to stay the hell out of Meta discussion.

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@OldTinfoil MSN Messenger is where it went all south. :P I

Day 41: Finally found a promising music player to replace Google Music - Poweramp.

It wouldn't have taken this long, but previously I had rejected Poweramp when I was looking for my first music player as it didn't have features I needed that the Google app contained. It does now.

Running with the free trial just now, but will buy the full version when I've been using it for a bit.

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Please disregard this toot - for the night is filled with spoilers and evening snacks.


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It's been about two months since I added comments to my blog using Commento. I have so far received two comments from two friends.

So. Should I just remove the commenting system?

Day 13: Still arsing around trying to find an email provider that I like. Protonmail appealed, and fully willing to pay the £5/mo for my email.

However, the app doesn't have a "conversations" view and I'm having email management flashbacks of the late 90s / early naughties.

I don't think I can go back to that time.

UX people: any tips on ending endless meetings about Fonts?

Day 6: Found myself using for listening to music again. Although I do have a paid account, I find it's suggestion features to be woeful. .fm has been the best for me, but its integrations are spotty and often distracts me.

Today's quick fix is to try in conjunction with

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PT's talk on how much we don't know about our own computers raises the worrysome concern that we can't build more secure systems without knowing what undocumented configuration and debugging backdoors are built into our hardware. i.blackhat.com/asia-19/Thu-Mar

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